5 career paths you can take after Upskill Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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5 career paths you can take after Telerik Academy Upskill Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The e-commerce industry is moving at an unseen speed. With the rise of technologies and user behaviour change, the need for more inventive, complex, and robust solutions is tremendous. And the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) platform is becoming an undisputed leader in this segment.

As a result, there is a global shortage of SFCC experts. Now, you have the opportunity to be one of those experts, and together with leading SFCC companies, to turn Bulgaria into a go-to place for top SFCC talent and best in class solutions.

You just need to go through our free Upskill SFCC program. It's 2-3 evenings weekly, and it's online. You build future-proof skills in balance with all your responsibilities.

photo of a man in a suit ready to take the opportunity with telerik academy upskill salesforce commerce cloud program

During the program, you'll get an inside look into the leading SFCC companies in Bulgaria, our partners - Isobar/Merkle, AIOPS Group, Tryzens, Forkpoint, C4 Nexus, and ZaUtre. 

They are ready to hire professionals like you, and depending on your skill set and goals, you can choose from an abundance of career paths.

Let's check the 5 of them, and don't forget - you still have the chance to join the program! The application deadline is October 10, at 11:59 pm.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer

You have the choice to go full-stack or concentrate more on the backend/integration path or frontend path. Most companies value the platform knowledge and how it is applied and structure projects around the available skillset. Nothing is carved in stone, and this provides fantastic flexibility for development engineers!

Salesforce Commerce Cloud QA

Here both manual and automation testing still have their places in the SFCC projects. Knowing how the platform operates provides quite a competitive edge for the QA engineers who specialize in SFCC. Functional and non-functional testing is an integral part of the entire release cycle.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Tech Architect

This position is a natural stepping stone for established senior developers to continue their progress into the depts of the platform and work much closer with the end customers and other suppliers to integrate and improve the storefronts and backends running the modern SFCC solutions.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solution Architect

The Solution Architect is the final boss in the game who have extreme knowledge, experience, C-level exposure. Those experts sell, improve, and advance the SFCC projects. They grow the seniors in the organization and bring the expertise needed to keep clients with the providers for a very long time.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultant

This role encompasses broad knowledge and experience with SFCC and the wider Salesforce family. It's a predominantly client-facing role emphasizing integrations between the systems and the ability to go low-level to suggest solutions for any problem.

Let's do this! Take your career to the next level with Telerik Academy Upskill Salesforce Commerce Cloud! Your tuition fee is covered by our partners, powering the program - they can't wait to meet you and, after the program, hire you for their teams!

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