Taking the leap from Support to the IT industry


Let’s dive into the inspiring story of Kaloyan, who transformed his life and landed his dream job after graduating from Telerik Academy.

Kaloyan has obtained his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Sofia’s Technical University. His previous professional roles were focused on providing technical support for various software applications and services. With the solid 10 years of experience in the field, Kaloyan was appointed as a Team Leader of a Technical Service. But something was missing.

Telerik Academy Alpha Kaloyan Kostov

Driven by his passion for technology, he decided to make a change. So, Kaloyan joined Telerik Academy to kickstart a successful career as a Software Engineer.

Making a seamless career shift 

Kaloyan’s expectations of Telerik Academy were not only met but exceeded by the end of the program. 

“The Academy helped me learn programming in a stimulating environment, where I studied with like-minded people who shared a common purpose of excelling at what they do.” 

After completing the rigorous training, he landed an exciting job in IT in just a month. 

“The Academy provided me with the core knowledge and experience to prepare me for success at the job interview and the new workplace,” says Kaloyan.  

“Yet, one of the biggest benefits was the connections we made. While at the Academy, we had the chance to visit the offices of various IT employers. This was an invaluable opportunity for me and my future career.” 

Landing the dream job 

Currently, Kaloyan works as a Software Engineer at Next Solutions. Some of his main responsibilities include developing and constantly improving the company’s core product. Also, Kaloyan contributes by fixing bugs and joining various other projects. 

“The most exciting part of my job is the diversity of tasks, along with the abundant learning opportunities.” 

Speaking of the company’s biggest assets, Kaloyan shares that Next Solutions has amazing management - great leaders who are highly knowledgeable about the product. Furthermore, Kaloyan values the chance to work in a tight-knit team of remarkable professionals. 

“I have personally found one of the best employers in my career so far.” 

Advice to our new Telerik Academy students 

“Enjoy yourselves. This made my experience at Telerik Academy both productive and stress-free.”  

Kaloyan adds that to him the Academy represents a stepping stone in the path to career success. 

“It is a rewarding experience that can give you a glimpse of how your day-to-day job can look like. Make the most of it.” 

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