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11 Apr

From Zero to Hero with JavaScript

Learn what job opportunities lay in front of well-rounded software developers, how to jumpstart your IT career and change your life.

JavaScript Workshops
16 Apr

Exam Preparation Workshops - Telerik Academy Alpha with JavaScript

To help you master the fundamental concepts of JavaScript and get ready for Telerik Academy Alpha’s entrance exam, we are coupling our curated online materials with hands-on, onsite workshops.

UX and UI Career Event
24 Apr

Career Event UX/UI

Are you a graphic designer, an illustrator, a visual arts student or graduate, looking to join the IT industry and work in one of the most in-demand non-developer roles in the tech world? If so, don’t miss out our career event. Join us on April 24 to learn how to get your design skills to the next level and become a highly valued UX and UI designer.

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12 March 2019

Kickstart your career as a Quality Assurance Engineer

Jumpstarting a career in IT doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a software developer. There are other roles that are crucial to the tech industry and in high demand. Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers are spearheading the list. What do QAs do and how you can become one? Learn from our free career event.

07 March 2019

Questups 1.1: Startup Profiling

Questups is Start It Smart’s new project that matches product startups with the right mentors and helps them accelerate their growth. If you are а tech startup building а great product, book your ticket, generate quest(ion)s, ask Svetozar Georgiev and meet the right mentors at the right milestones from your roadmap.

06 March 2019

Inspirational talks
Flying to the Limit

Join this interactive inspirational lecture by Nikolay Kalaydzhiev, who will give you a taste of what it’s like to fly as a pilot. Through virtual reality based on special video footage and pictures from real flights, you will put yourself in Niko Kalaydzhiev’s shoes and experience flying.

26 February 2019

Kickstart your IT career

Landing your dream job in IT is possible even when you have little to no programming experience. Discover what professional opportunities lay in front of well-rounded software developers, which are the most in-demand skills and how you can master them.

19 February 2019

Using Social Media to Scale up Sales in 180+ Countries

Join this session to hear Velizar Velichkov from 1ForFit sharing his experience on reaching 50+ million followers and monetizing them, as well as scaling up sales in more than 180 countries. He’ll unveil tested strategies to help you boost your social media influence and performance marketing efforts.

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