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skills of tomorrow

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Become a well-rounded UX and UI designer

Created by practitioners for practitioners, the Upskill UX/UI Design program will help fast-track your career with the hands-on skills companies demand.

  • To enroll, you need to have some design, illustration, or visual arts background
  • During the program, you’ll master the secrets of great UX and UI design and start crafting digital experiences for every screen
  • Upon graduation, you’ll be able to instantly use the new skills at your job or start a new career
Program duration

3 months. You can combine the program with your job or studies


Monday - Wednesday (6:00-9:00 pm). 
2 to 3 times/week. Start: Sept 18


6-9+ hrs/week plus additional time for self-prep and assignments. You’ll have 2 weeks of vacation


Lectures will be held online. Onsite networking events (optional).


Conducted in Bulgarian, but all learning materials are in English

Career webinar

Eager to learn more? Watch our career webinar now!


learning experience

1The most complete UX/UI Design program For 13+ years, we’ve been perfecting our programs with a fanatic focus on quality and practical experience. So you can supercharge your career in 3 months vs years with other courses.
2Unique learning experience At par with the leading international programs, minus the impressive price tag. Our holistic programs reinvigorate online training. They are meticulously crafted and paced to keep you constantly engaged and to accelerate your progress.
3Instantly transferable skills In a close to real-work environment, master two of the most in-demand and highest-paid design skills you can immediately apply to your job. Build an impressive UX/UI portfolio to help you jumpstart a new career.
4Learning from the best Get access to some of Bulgaria’s best experts and brightest minds, who share real-life experience and know-how and become your mentors. Guiding you every step of the way.
5Professional network and Mentor programWork in groups with ambitious, like-minded professionals, where you learn from each other, and expand your knowledge and skills. Grow with dedicated group mentors and receive expert guidance and support.
6Investment in yourself Set yourself apart both inside your company and in the job market. Our alumni share the program pays for itself many times over with the opportunities it creates.
7Cutting-edge tools Get free access to leading tools such as Figma and Microsoft Office365 during the program. Work with the most collaborative design tool in the industry, Figma, and build a real-world project with it.
86 months access to course material Gain continued access to video content, templates, and reference materials for at least 6 months after graduation.

100% success, 100% confidence

years experience
consider their Telerik Academy 
education a good investment in 
their professional development
confidence in the value of the 
program and its impact on the 
life of the students

The role of the UX/UI Designer

What do UX Designers do? 

UX (User Experience) designers serve as the voice of the users. Laser-focused on how something works and how people interact with it, they are vital to every digital product organization.

What do UI Designers do?

UI (User Interface) designers make sure that every interaction with the finished product aligns with the vision of the UX designers. UI professionals obsess over the look of the product, define interaction models, design layouts and build prototypes.



Is this for me? Yes, if you're
  • Designer, illustrator, visual arts student, or graduate eager to join the IT industry
  • Design professional and want to stand out in your current job
  • Company looking to upskill your employees. Get in touch
Do I need previous experience?

No previous UX or UI experience is required but you must show some design or illustration skills.

How can I apply?
  1. Submit your online application
  2. Demonstrate at least basic design/illustration skills by submitting a portfolio with your designs or a sample of your creative work
  3. Not confident about your portfolio? We’ll help you sharpen it with our free pre-course training
  4. Some candidates might also be invited to attend an interview


  • may
  • june
  • july
  • aug
  • sept
  • May 11 - Sept 10 | Submit application form and portfolio
  • June 8
    Register for our
    Career Webinar
  • May 11 - July 9 | Apply to
    pre-course training by submitting application form and portfolio (optional)
  • July 17 - Aug 18 | Join online
    pre-course training (optional)
  • Sept 18 - Dec 21 |
    Study at Telerik Academy Upskill
Important dates
  • May 11 - Sept 10 | Submit application form and portfolio
  • June 8 | Register for our Career Webinar
  • May 11 - July 9 | Apply to pre-course training by submitting application form and portfolio (optional)
  • July 17 - Aug 18 | Join online pre-course training (optional)
  • Sept 18 - Dec 21 | Study at Telerik Academy Upskill

 *Dates, timeline and curriculum are subject to updates.


Free pre-course training

Boost your Upskill UX/UI Design application with our free pre-course self-study training and expert-led Q&As.
It’s perfect if you:
  • Want to increase your chance to be admitted into the program
  • Are eager to refresh and ramp up your design knowledge before the program starts
  • Have been learning design (on your own or in a course) and want to check if you are ready to upskill
What you’ll finish with:
  • Enhanced knowledge of the design fundamentals, essential for UX and UI designers
  • Tips and tricks from our trainers and additional practical experience
  • Elevated design portfolio that will help earn your spot in the Upskill UX/UI program


Complete your Upskill
UX/UI Design application and submit your portfolio by July 9, 2023


Participants in the
pre-course training will be selected based on their application and overall motivation.


Curated materials will be published every Monday in the July 17 – Aug 18 period. Q&A sessions with our trainers will be held every Thursday in the July 17 – Aug 18 period from 7:00 pm until 8:00 pm.

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Program details

Тhe Upskill program at a glance

  • Hands-on
  • Tailored learning
  • Learning online
    from anywhere
  • Two-week trial
  • Built to fit
    your schedule

Hands-on training


Every topic is paired with hands-on assignments, covering all key UX/UI responsibilities. By the end of the program, you’ll develop and present an end-to-end digital product design and craft a compelling UX/UI portfolio.

Tailored learning experience


Class sizes are up to 35-45 people for the best possible learning experience. Our trainers become your mentors - track your progress, provide feedback and individual support and guide you all the way through.

Learning online from anywhere


Enjoy an unparalleled program from the comfort of your home. We transitioned every aspect online to keep the same renowned high quality, engaging experience and hands-on training.

Two-week trial period


Be 100% confident this is the right training for you, with our thorough candidate selection and two-week trial period. If you drop out in the first two weeks after the program starts, you won’t pay any tuition. Simple as that.

Built to fit your schedule


With classes up to 3 nights a week, this Upskill program allows you to balance all your responsibilities. Perfectly fitting your busy schedule.

Validated by the industry


Meticulously designed curriculum

Learn how to create user-centric designs with the latest UX and UI methodologies.
  • 01Weeks 1-2
  • 02Week 3
  • 03Weeks 4-6
  • 04Week 7
  • 05Weeks 8
  • 06Weeks 9-10
  • 07Week 11-12
  • 08Weeks 13-14
  • 09Graduation

UX Design fundamentals

  • Learn why good UX matters and how to create it
  • Understand UX methods and techniques
  • Get to know your team and receive your project assignments for the duration of the program


  • Learn how to research and balance Business goals and User needs
  • Discover how to conduct stakeholder interviews to set business goals
  • Practice conducting user research in order to understand your users
  • Analyze some real-world cases in terms of Business Strategy
  • Find out how to describe your users with Personas and define functionalities with User Stories


  • See how to gather and agree on all the different kinds of requirements right from the start
  • Start utilizing brainstorming and workshops when researching for insights
  • Prioritize features of the product, based on goals and technical feasibility
  • Present your findings as a team in front of your peers and trainers


  • Start organizing the information and navigation of your digital product
  • Learn how to create clear paths for visitors and enhance the user experience
  • Master designing and visualizing interactions between the user and your product
  • Find out how to test ideas and fail forward with a minimum effort


  • Understand the importance of prototyping
  • Practice different types (fidelity) of prototyping

Usability testing

  • Learn why conducting usability tests is important
  • Get familiar with ways to effectively plan and moderate usability tests and report findings
  • Get a glimpse of some real-world examples and case studies

Remote testing, heuristic evaluation & UX mapping

  • Find out how to carry out a Heuristic evaluation (expert review) and when it's applicable
  • Learn how to conduct experiments and remote usability tests
  • Differentiate between mapping techniques used to build common ground within an organization
  • Discover common UX maps: Empathy map, Customer journey map, Experience map, Service Blueprint


  • One week free of classes to unwind. You’ll be able to further strengthen your skills through reviewing the provided resources and working on team assignments

Midterm presentations

  • Present the UX research and strategy of your project together as a team in front of your peers and trainers

UI Design fundamentals

  • Start easier with visual research and inspiration
  • Communicate visual ideas through moodboards
  • Learn the basic principles of visual design for user interfaces
  • Discover the importance of creating visual hierarchy and how to master it

Web-based design

  • Discover the fundamental principles of web design and how to design web and desktop applications
  • Study the most common layouts in web and product design for desktop
  • Understand and use the most common building elements of desktop UI and best UX practices
  • Learn how to achieve visual hierarchy in your UI designs

Mobile-based design

  • Responsive vs. Native design for mobile screens - learn the difference
  • Learn how to design a good mobile navigation
  • Find out the most common screens and elements for mobile apps
  • Get introduced to UI for watches and wearables

IoT-based design

  • Learn the industry trends from a leading practitioner
  • Discover the general architecture of a standard system
  • Find out some of the UX/UI specifics and challenges in IoT
  • Hear some real-world case studies

Layout & grids

  • Find out how to make your life easier by defining a spacing and sizing system
  • Learn how to take advantage of a grid when building layouts
  • Get to know the different kinds of grids
  • Understand the importance of using white space to create structure and hierarchy

Typography in UI

  • Explore the basic font classifications
  • Learn how to establish a type scale and choose fonts for your projects
  • Get practical tips on working with type and apply them to your product

Colors in UI

  • Learn the foundation of the color spectrum
  • Understand different color combination models
  • See what some of the meanings behind primary colors are
  • Consider accessibility when picking colors
  • Get some pro tips on working with color in UI and apply them in your projects


  • One week free of classes to unwind. You’ll be able to further strengthen your skills by reviewing the provided resources and polishing the UI of your products

UI in design systems

  • Understand what a design system is and why complex products and projects need one
  • Learn the basic components of design systems and some alternatives to them
  • Hear from leading industry practitioners how they create, maintain and work with design systems

Animation in UI

  • Find out what is Motion Design and what are the basic principles of animation
  • Learn about the UX principles of animation and how to apply them in your UI designs
  • Get tips on the animation process and see some interesting case studies

UI tips & tricks, handoff

  • Find out how to incorporate and use illustrations and photos into the UI designs
  • Learn how to use motifs in your designs
  • Get tips on working with UI elements, colors and borders

Presenting design work

  • Learn how to structure and present your designs and master tactics how to leverage feedback
  • Find out how to start working on your portfolio right now and how to structure case studies
  • Get tips on crafting a stellar CV

Putting it all together

  • By now, you have designed a mobile application for a product, a web version of some or all features of the product and a marketing website or landing page for it
  • Take time to polish the user interface, conduct final user tests of all aspects of the product and structure your presentations

Final presentations

  • Present the UX strategy and complete User Interface of your project, together as a team, as well as individually, in front of your peers and trainers


Congratulations! You’re now a UX/UI Design expert.

You will receive a Telerik Academy certificate – widely recognized in the IT industry in Bulgaria.

Your team

Leading industry
experts – your trainers

Learn from the best. You'll be trained by leading practitioners eager to share their know-how and experience.


Polya Vassileva
Head of Design & UX,
Telerik Academy
Contributed to the success of:
Telerik, Progress, VMware, Visa
Polya has over 15 years of experience in the field of marketing, UI and experience design. She has headed creative teams for companies like Telerik and Progress, as well as crafted numerous on-screen products in the e-commerce, service and software sectors, for industry giants and startups alike.
Philip Rusev
Philip Rusev
UX Designer,
The World Bank Group
Contributed to the success of:
ShopAccelerator, MELANIN
Philip has 3+ years of experience as a designer. He started as a web design freelancer and now works as a UX Designer at a large company with a design team of more than 50+ people. Besides design, Philip has always been really fond of sharing his knowledge and helping people grow. He is actively sharing design-and-work-related educational content online.
Ivelina Pavlova
Ivelina Pavlova
Lead Graphic | UX/UI designer,
Contributed to the success of:
Bica Services, Scalefocus
Iva is a detail-oriented designer passionate about various design aspects, from graphic design to motion graphics and User Interface. With a strong understanding of user behaviour and design principles, she's an extrovert committed to delivering digital products that engage and excite users. Working for numerous startups crafted her open-minded design skillset in prototyping intuitive interfaces.


Georgi Balinov
Creative Director &
Co-founder, HYPE
Contributed to the success of:
XS Software, MM Group, 1% Change
George is a seasoned digital designer with 15+ years of experience in creating digital products and brands with teams and clients around the world. His main focus has always been delivering delight to people through his work. For the past 5 years, he’s been leading some of the first UX and UI trainings in Bulgaria.
svetlin nikolaev
Svetlin Nikolaev
Director Innovation & UX,
DevTools, Progress
Contributed to the success of:
Telerik, Coca-Cola, Audi
Svetlin has 17+ years of experience as a visual and UX designer. Prior to joining Telerik/Progress, he worked for a leading agency with accounts such as Coca-Cola, Audi, Tuborg, ELLE. Leading the Telerik DevTools design team, he’s responsible for the UX of developer tooling products and services. 
Vasil Yordanov
Vasil Yordanov
Head of Design,
Contributed to the success of:
Progress, Telerik, Leanplum
Vasil is a tech-savvy designer with more than 17 years of experience in crafting digital products. Prior to joining Radzen, he spent 4 years at Leanplum working on a leading next-gen MarTech product, and a decade at Telerik designing ASP.NET AJAX and Kendo UI Components. His responsibilities today cover the full product design spectrum - from research and wireframes, through customer validation, to high-fidelity UI assets.
Assen Tzekin
Assen Tzekin
Principal Designer,
Contributed to the success of:
SAP, Telerik
Assen's creativity spans over multiple platforms. Formally trained in graphic design, he discovered UX design in university and has been practising it ever since. Combining curiosity, vision and innovation, he strives to deliver practical solutions to real business problems through different mediums. Be it a branding project or a new software solution, his human approach, designing with heart and collaborating have allowed him to help clients across the world.
Joro Yordanov
Joro Yordanov
Partner & Design Director,
Oblik Studio
Contributed to the success of:
Nexo, Ikarov, BetaPeak, Pioneers
Joro has 16+ years of experience as a designer and coder. He has worked on award-winning campaigns for local and international brands. In 2014 Joro co-founded Oblik Studio - a result-driven team of 10+ creatives. Since 2017 they have been partnering with Nexo, which soon after became a leading fintech institution with 1M+ users. Ex-lecturer of web design at TUES. Interested in bootstrapping and building teams.
Milen Donev
Milen Donev
UX Design Manager,
Contributed to the success of:
Market Bulgaria, Design Picnic Studio
Milen has 20+ years of design experience. For the past 7 years, his focus has been on UX, consumer psychology, team management and training young designers. Over the years, he has worked closely with software developers, QAs, marketing and data analysts, giving him a holistic understanding of creating a digital product. Currently, he leads the UX department of Remix, one of Europe’s largest online fashion stores, now owned by the American giant THREDUP.
georgi linkov
Georgi Linkov
Co-founder and CEO,
Studio X Creative
Contributed to the success of:
Vivacom, A1, Fibank, Diners Club
Georgi has over 22 years of experience in Digital Art Directing, UX and UI. He has led large-scale projects commissioned by BG and international clients. He is mainly focused on the symbiosis between functionality and aesthetics that are crucial to achieving high-quality UX and meeting the client's goals.
Tzveta Dinova
Tzveta Dinova
Accessibility Lead,
Contributed to the success of:
HSBC, Barclays, The British Museum, Lego
Originally trained as a designer, Tzveta was always interested in user-centric design solutions. After working first-hand with young people with disabilities, she became interested in addressing accessibility on a larger scale. Her experience in digital accessibility was gained through working with brands such as HSBC, Barclays, The British Museum and Lego.
Plamen Motev
Plamen Motev
Type Director,
Contributed to the success of:
Nike, Hyundai, US national football team
Plamen is a designer who believes that aesthetics and functionality should go hand in hand. His strong focus on typography brought him to Fontfabric type foundry, where he is responsible for the creative team. Plamen has more than five years of experience in leading retail and client’s projects for the international market.
Alexander Kitov
Alexander Kitov
VP of Product,
Telerik Academy
Contributed to the success of:
ZenGo, Paysafe, betahaus
Alexander has over 12 years of experience as a product manager and entrepreneur. Prior to joining Telerik Academy, he worked for Paysafe and ZenGo. Before that, Alex co-founded betahaus (the first coworking space in BG home to startup and freelancers) as well as Perpetto, an ML-driven product discovery and personalization software. His responsibilities today cover the full product management spectrum - from upgrading Telerik Academy products and services to developing entirely new ones.
Autumn Kotsiuba
Autumn Kotsiuba
Senior UX Writer,
Contributed to the success of:
Autumn is a UX Writer who's biggest belief is that writing is design. Originally from the US, she has worked as a UX Writer in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Poland. She currently works for Quantive with a focus on teaching designers about the power of copy.
Vladimir Yordanov
Vladimir Yordanov
Interactive Director,
Oblik Studio
Contributed to the success of:
Product Designer with broad experience working on different-sized projects with responsibilities ranging from Web Development, User Interface Design, Motion Graphics, and Product Design with a heavy focus on User Experience. His background as a Web Developer, diploma in System Engineering, and Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design are combined in his job as a Head of Product Design for Nexo. He focuses on delivering high-quality user experiences based on research, data, and business needs.
Stefan Ivanov
Stefan Ivanov
Senior Design Manager,
Contributed to the success of:
DIVAL, Stepsss, Infragistics
Stefan is a seasoned UX practitioner and interface designer with background in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction. Besides crafting design and developer tools for the enterprise, he has a solid track record in design leadership, having orchestrated numerous UX courses and conferences in Bulgaria.
Ivan Draganov
Ivan Draganov
Senior Product Owner,
Merkle Bulgaria
Contributed to the success of:
Adidas, Clarins, IATA
Ivan has 12+ years of experience as an IT Business Analyst and Product Owner. He works closely with all kinds of stakeholders, including clients SLT, UX/UI departments, dev teams and products' end-users, while being the connection between them. His passion is building second-to-none software products, and he's been doing it for clients like Adidas, Royal Yachting Association, Clarins and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
Tanya Beloreshka
Tanya Beloreshka
Solution Strategist,
Merkle Bulgaria
Contributed to the success of:
Tanya is a Solution Strategist at a company that is a market leader in e-commerce platform integration. She works closely with wider business stakeholders, gathers requirements, proposes solutions, and leads implementations. Tanya studied in the Netherlands and has a master's degree in Business Information Management.
Zhana Yurukova
Zhana Yurukova
Lead Solution Strategist,
Merkle Bulgaria
Contributed to the success of:
Clarins, Mugler
With extensive experience in e-commerce, Zhana focuses on keeping clients up to date on the newest, most exciting features and integrations that can be implemented on their e-commerce platforms. She loves when her work has a real positive impact on the customer journey. Under her supervision, a client reached two million pounds sales in a single month on a single platform which was more than an 800% increase.
Anton Georgiev
Anton Georgiev
IT Business Analyst,
Merkle Bulgaria
Contributed to the success of:
Having worked as an eCommerce Account Manager for 4+ years in the past, Anton’s main goal as a Business Analyst is to maximize the synergy between the client and the development team through effective communication and efficient user story writing. He likes to give the development team the opportunity to influence user story writing and UX requirements gathering and feels most rewarded when the whole team can see the positive result of their work. Since joining Merkle, Anton has been heavily involved in several Clarins website projects.


Anjelika Manova
Anjelika Manova


UX/UI Designer,
Nevena Partinova
Nevena Partinova


Product Designer,
valenting likyov
Valentin Likyov
Product Designer,
Contributed to the success of:
Progress, Telerik, Webfactory
Valentin started his career as a Web Designer and later transitioned to an Interaction Designer position within Telerik’s web marketing team. Since 2017, he has been working as a Product Designer at VMware shaping the future of enterprise software for cloud automation. He focuses on ease-of-use and user behavior patterns in apps and websites.
Martin Bonov
Martin Bonov
Design Director & Founder,
Contributed to the success of:
Tavex, LimeChain, Perpetto
Martin is a detail-oriented designer passionate about bringing functional, social and emotional value to the users. Over the years he has explored various areas of user experience, interface design and front-end development while launching more than 200 websites and digital products.
Pavel Pavlov
Design Director &
Co-Founder, FourPlus
Contributed to the success of:
Goethe Institut, Ivet Fashion, Arpha Publishing
Pavel has 15 years of experience in Graphic Design, with a key focus on Motion Design. His experience spans from creating UI animations and concepts for the automotive industry in Germany and the US to helping launch India’s biggest telecom and teaching Motion Design courses in Martinique and the National Academy of Arts in Sofia.
Alumni Success

Meet our alumni

Our graduates excel in their UX/UI design careers.

There is no other place in Bulgaria, where you can find so much knowledge about the UX/UI field, presented in such a hands-on and structured way.
It’s an intensive 3-month bootcamp, where you’ll learn the end-to-end UX/UI design processes and meet leading speakers from top companies.

Hristo AndreevHristo Andreev
former Marketing Professional, now Product Designer, VMware
Read Hristo's story

I needed fast-track guidance in a broad spectrum of themes - from the UX basics to UI Design best-practices and Design Systems management. Luckily, Telerik Academy happened to provide just that.

Lyubozar DimitrovLyubozar Dimitrov
Creative Director with extensive design experience, who was stuck between tight deadlines and rapidly shifting UX/UI goals, Rhythm Engineering
Read Lyubozar's story

It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You learn the best practices from industry-recognized gurus. They're your mentors, guiding you on the way to your dream job. You also meet and work with amazing people – your fellow learners, sharing ideas and improving yourselves together.

Daniel DungyovDaniel Dungyov former bartender, now UX/UI Designer, Finovation
Read Daniel’s story
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Portfolio projects

Start creating rich prototype designs and build an impressive UX/UI portfolio to showcase your new skills.

Ecological footprint calculator

by Tina Kesova, Georgi Kateliev, Tzveta Partaleva, Aleksandra Nagornaia


Ecological footprint calculator

by Tina Kesova, Georgi Kateliev, Tzveta Partaleva, Aleksandra Nagornaia


Toy swap

by Maria Sufieva


Car trivia

by Antoaneta Elmazova


Public transport

by Martina Stoyanova


Discover Sofia

by Denitsa Kusheva, Elena Draganova, Ivaylo Popov


Discover Sofia

by Denitsa Kusheva, Elena Draganova, Ivaylo Popov


Car trivia

by Martin Tsekov


Toy swap

by Pavel Spiridonov

Tuition model

Joining Telerik Academy could be your single most important professional decision.

Pay in installments

BGN 171/month

for 24 months*
with a bank partner

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*Spring 2023 pricing

Pay in full

BGN 3,800

full tuition upfront

Notify me

*Spring 2023 pricing

Terms tailored
to your needs

  • Price including VAT.
  • Tuition fee can be paid by either You or Your Employer upfront.
  • Opportunity to pay in installments with a loan from a bank - partner of Telerik Academy - Allianz.
  • Deferred payment over 12-24 months’ period.
  • Candidates working in the NGO sector can apply for a 90% discount off the tuition fee (two per cohort)
  • Drop-out with no consequences up to 2 weeks of the program start.

*Illustrative payment method. Different terms may apply based on borrowers’ credit score and creditworthiness as well as the bank’s current offering.


Do I need any previous UX/UI design experience?
No. You don’t need previous UX or UI design experience to apply for Upskill UX/UI Design. But if you do, we will also consider you as a qualified candidate. To join the program, you need some design experience because we don’t teach graphic design fundamentals in this course, and they are needed to help you upskill more quickly in the UX/UI design field. You must demonstrate at least basic design skills by submitting a portfolio with your designs or a sample of your creative work in the field of Graphic Design. You also need to be 18 years of age or older.
Do I need any previous design experience?
Yes. To be considered for and accepted in the program, you need to be a graphic designer or a visual arts student or graduate. We have also had successful applicants who came from the photography, architecture, interior design, fashion design, motion or video design, print, branding or advertising design fields. Or you could be a beginner UI or Web designer wanting to upskill and develop your skillset further. Whatever your background, you must demonstrate at least basic graphic design skills by submitting a portfolio with your designs or a sample of your creative work. If you don’t have such, we recommend that you spend some time working on several graphic or UI design projects. You also need to be 18 years of age or older.
Can I choose between online and onsite training?

The program is held online. Due to COVID-19, we transitioned the program online, but we kept everything else unchanged: same high-quality training, engaging learning experience and 100% focus on practice.

While the lectures are held online, you can attend optional onsite networking events conducted during the program with your peers and trainers.

Please note that attendance is key to our students’ successful graduation. Participants must attend all classes. Up to 3 days of absence are allowed, plus the program has 2 one-week vacations.

Do you offer discounts for the NGO (Not-for-profit) sector?

Yes, if you are a candidate working in the NGO sector, you can apply for a 90% discount off the tuition fee (two per cohort).

You must submit your Upskill UX/UI Design application and follow the requirements for candidate selection. If you are invited to join the program, your employer will be required to sign a contract with Telerik Academy and cover 10% of the regular tuition fee for the program. Please note that the candidate selection process evaluates the candidate’s profile, not the NGO’s.

How much does the training cost?

The tuition fee for Telerik Academy Upskill UX/UI Design is BGN 3,800.

The fee could be either covered by you or your employer. In both cases, the fee is paid via bank transfer prior to the program start.

Another tuition fee option is to pay in installments with a loan from a bank, partner of Telerik Academy. You can benefit from a deferred payment over a 12-24 months’ period.

How can I take part in the pre-course training? What does it include?

You need to complete your Telerik Academy Upskill UX/UI Design application and submit your portfolio by Jan 22. Participants in the pre-course training will be selected based on their application and overall motivation.

The self-study pre-course training will help you get ready for our program. In 5 weeks, you’ll go through 5 essential topics: graphic design principles, composition, typography, colors and UI design tips and tricks.

Every Monday, you’ll get access to a new collection of curated materials and receive a creative assignment. Every Thursday, you’ll participate in a one-hour Q&A session with our experienced trainers and you’ll be expected to submit each assignment by Sunday. Your work on the 5 projects will complement your portfolio, boost your application and help earn your place in the Upskill UX/UI program.

What are the requirements for the portfolio I need to submit when applying?

There are no particular design projects we expect to see, we just want to learn more about your experience and current expertise and the portfolio is a good way for you to visually illustrate this for us.

If you are a photographer or a visual artist, though, please try to dabble in and include samples of design projects in addition to your artwork. These may include (but are not limited to) layouts with typography and visuals, logos, posters and UI design screens.

What is the candidate selection process for the program?

We use a holistic review process when evaluating applicants for admission.

The final selection of candidates is not based on a simple formula of grades and test scores. Instead, we consider a variety of factors: application documents, portfolio, personal motivation for applying, etc. Some candidates might also be invited to attend an interview to additionally discuss motivation and aspirations.

What is the length/cadence of the program? Can I balance it with work or studies?
To get the most out of the program, you’ll need to immerse yourself in it for 3 months. To recharge your batteries, you’ll have 2 weeks of vacation. With classes up to 3 nights a week, this most holistic UX and UI program makes it possible to also balance work or other responsibilities.
Does Telerik Academy help alumni find new jobs after successful graduation?
As this is an Upskill program, it isn’t geared towards connecting learners and businesses. But the skills and experience you gain will help you excel in your career and/or find a new job, just like it helped our alumni reach their career goals.
How long will I have access to the course materials after graduation?
You will have a minimum of 6 months of access to our comprehensive course materials (video content, templates, and reference materials) after graduation.

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