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Hiring the Top 1%

Gain the skills to spot recruitment gaps, align hiring with business goals, assess capabilities, and deploy tactics based on resources and priorities. 
Boyan Stoyanov
Founder, Hireworks

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What it is

A two-week, hands-on deep dive into hiring strategies for each stage of company growth

Quantifiable business outcomes:
  • Improved planning & decision making
  • Reduced cost per hire
  • Increased speed and accuracy of hiring
Start Date

Coming soon


2 weeks


4 sessions x 3 hours,
Mondays & Thursdays (6-9pm)



Group size



BGN 399 (incl. VAT)



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The Sprint experience


1. Designed to fit your busy schedule.


2. Learn, apply in class, and discuss with trainers and peers.  


3. Earn a Telerik Academy certificate to share with your network.

Trainers & Guest speakers

Meet your trainers

Boyan Stoyanov
Boyan Stoyanov Trainer

Boyan is a seasoned professional with experience across Asia and Europe within FMCG, e-commerce, Performance Marketing and Consulting. Since 2017, he has focused on mastering recruitment, specializing in hiring strategy, global talent acquisition, and recruitment training. Boyan has a track record of: 

  • Hiring and training over 100 tech recruiters.
  • Consulting over 50 companies on hiring.
  • Placing 500+ tech talents.
Contributed to the success of:
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Miroslav Valchev
Miroslav Valchev Guest Speaker
Co-founder and COO

Miro, a tech-savvy entrepreneur with a keen eye for detail and emerging technologies, focuses on agile management and streamlining work processes under the KISS (Keep IT Simple, Stupid) principle. With a rich background in software development, his notable achievements include:

  • Founding two startups addressing fundamental challenges.
  • Recruiting top talent.
  • Winning national awards in math, computer science, and physics. 
Contributed to the success of:
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Who it's perfect for

Startup founders looking to build an effective team
Team managers
People leaders who want to hire the most suitable talent for their teams
HR managers
HR managers who want to enhance their skills in setting up and driving effective recruitment
Just about anyone involved in recruitment

Industry-validated curriculum

Each of the first three sessions covers one of the learning objectives below. The fourth session is all about diving into the business case.

Identify recruiting capability gaps   
  • Translate the business OKRs into recruiting OKRs.   
  • Evaluate the sufficiency of the existing recruiting capabilities and assets.
Implement effective recruiting tactics
  • Identify effective recruiting tactics based on resources, timeline and priorities.   
  • Compile an implementation and execution plan.
Measure our progress and the outcomes
  • Choose the right metrics.
  • Track and benchmark recruitment performance.
Business case: optimizing recruitment strategy
See firsthand how FindMeCure identified gaps and mapped out strategies to optimize core recruitment processes:
  • Strategy - define recruitment OKRs, principles, tactics, metrics, and resources.
  • System - align processes and tools with the strategy.
  • Assets - provide resources like guidelines, tutorials, templates, and libraries for user interaction.
  • People - achieve comprehensive alignment and capability enhancement across leadership, HR, employees, candidates, and agents.

What sets us apart

Learn from industry experts with proven career results.​
Gain practical insights not found ​on YouTube, Udemy or Coursera.​
Uncover tribal knowledge that is rarely documented and shared.​
Format & Schedule

How you’ll learn

Two-week training

Four 3-hour sessions (6-9pm) distributed across two consecutive weeks.

Sprints are designed to fit the schedules of full-time

What you’ll get

  • 3 goal-oriented lessons with summaries 
  • 3 group practice sessions with reviews of selected solutions 
  • 3 Q&A sessions with the lead trainer 
  • A breakdown of a real-world business case 
  • A session with the guest speaker, an expert in the field 
  • A Q&A session with the guest speaker 
  • Dedicated time for networking 

Inspiring passion for learning.
Changing lives and businesses.

Dimitar Markov
Junior Full-Stack Developer
The Coca-Cola Company
(Class of 2020)

Telerik Academy is a great starting point for anyone who wants to jumpstart a career in the IT industry. It provided me with the underlying knowledge and practical experience needed to join the sector.

Alexander Popov
Site Engineering Lead

Some of my best junior software engineers at Uber come from Telerik Academy. It is always a pleasure to work with their alumni!

Kalin Kostov
Software Developer
(Class of 2017)

There is no other tech-ed organization in Bulgaria like Telerik Academy. These are not only my words. I know a lot of expats who came back to Bulgaria and people who quit their jobs or put their university studies on hold to be able to fully dedicate themselves to the Academy.

Ivan Rusev
Head of Software Development

We partner with Telerik Academy because we know their graduates have gone through an extremely demanding program - with high training standards and practice - and have proven themselves to be true technology ninjas.

Kiril Peyanski
Software Engineer
(Class of 2017)

Telerik Academy changed my life. At the age of 20, I was already independent and working my dream job! Without the knowledge and experience I gained at Telerik Academy, I wouldn’t have had such a flying start.

Stoyan Damov

After 10+ years of scrutinizing and perfecting its craft it’s no wonder Telerik Academy is the leader in technical education. We are honored to have 15 alumni at Tick42 who are continuously getting unsolicited praise from our clients, and we’ll most definitely continue partnering closely with Telerik Academy.

Rusi Rusev
Front-End Developer
(Class of 2018)

From day one at Telerik Academy Alpha I knew I’ve had made the right choice. The trainers are 100% dedicated to providing students with the best possible education and preparing them to meet and exceed the expectations of their future employers.

Svetoslav Torbov
Head of Development

Telerik Academy has become a valuable partner for us thanks to its years of experience in training IT talent in Bulgaria. Through our collaboration we connect with students who have in-depth knowledge, high potential, and motivation for building a career in the IT industry.

    Still have questions? 

    How do I enroll for a Sprint? 
    Simply click the enroll button and follow the on-page instructions. You’ll need to sign up for a Telerik Academy Learn account to access Sprint session links and course materials. Then, just pay for your seat to complete your enrollment. That's it!
    How can I pay?
    You can pay for your seat using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club card directly on our website. If you prefer to make a bank wire, please contact us for assistance.
    Do you offer group discounts?
    We do! For more information, please get in touch with us.
    Can I get an invoice?
    To receive a company invoice, check the "I want an invoice" box during sign-up and provide your company's name, address, and VAT number. We'll email the invoice to you.
    How long does it take to complete a Sprint?
    Sprints are 2-week programs with 4 sessions held on 2 weekdays each week, scheduled for after-work hours.
    What if I miss a live session?
    No problem! We record every live session with our trainers and speakers and make the recordings available for you to replay at your convenience.
    Will I receive a certificate upon completion of a Sprint?
    Every trainee who completes their Sprint earns a Telerik Academy certificate of completion. To qualify, you must attend or watch on demand all course content and complete any homework. You can print the certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile. Feel free to tag @Telerik Academy when sharing it.
    How is a Sprint different from an Upskill?
    Sprints are 2-week, hands-on programs where industry leaders share practical, ready-to-use knowledge that's immediately applicable at work. Upskills, on the other hand, provide a comprehensive, 3-month journey to bridging skill gaps in a specific domain, helping you advance to the next career level.
    How can I get in touch?
    Just send us an email and we'll get back to you soon.

    Admission is closed

    Admission is currently closed. Get an email when the next one opens.

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