UX/UI skills in action: 3 projects of Upskill graduates


UX/UI skills in action: 3 projects of Upskill graduates

Great UX (User Experience) design is invisible.

It seamlessly integrates with everything we do - from devices and digital products to everyday objects and even the places we go (think about airports, shopping malls, etc.). According to a study, 94% of people say easy navigation is the most important aspect of using a service. On the other hand, 90% of users have stopped using an app due to poor performance.

That's how impactful UX design is. And that's how impactful your work can be!

At Telerik Academy's Upskill UX/UI program, industry experts teach our students how to craft seamless user experiences. In 3 months, we cover all you need to know to take your design career to the next level. You'll have access to mentors for guidance and support throughout the program.

The best part?

You'll work on a real-world project that you can add to your portfolio to make it impressive. But don't just take our word for it - check out 3 of the hundreds of projects our alumni have created working together in teams. Get a glimpse of what you'll be able to do after 3 months in Upskill UX/UI Design, and remember - you can apply to the program by March 10 and accelerate your career!

Green Patch - sustainable gardening made easy

Green Patch is an app that facilitates connections among gardeners and provides a wealth of educational resources on sustainable gardening practices.

The project kicked off by defining key challenges and brainstorming solutions. Extensive research took place before any design work was done. The team looked into the competitive landscape and gathered insights through interviews and field studies. This data was then used to shape personas, stories, and plan features, resulting in the initial wireframe.

It was time for the UI design which was executed professionally with careful consideration given to colors, typography, spacing, icons, grids, and other visual elements. The team tested the usability of the design by conducting several test sessions with users and made modifications based on feedback received. These changes helped to polish and finalize the design of the UI screens. Check out their work here:

Green Patch UX project

Parents hub - supporting parents

Parents Hub is an app that creates a supportive space for young parents to help them navigate the challenges of parenthood with confidence. A team of three students worked on identifying the main problems faced by their target users. They found that their users lacked personal time, felt disconnected from the outer world, and had limited options for engaging in activities with their children. The team set goals to solve these issues and conducted a competitor analysis and user research to gather insights.

They used two surveys and interviewed 50 individuals to develop personas and user stories. In the next step, the team held a brainstorming session and identified four main functionalities to address the issues faced by their users. They then created low and high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes and performed usability tests to collect user data. This helped them refine and finalize their design.

Parents Hub UX projects

MindMate - crafting your personalized wellness journey

MindMate is an app that assists users in dealing with the complexities of mental health. The team behind it began by defining their business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). To identify the main user needs and pain points, they conducted both qualitative and quantitative research. The data was then used to create personas and user stories. Subsequently, the team prioritized the key features and crafted wireframes for web and mobile. Additionally, they developed a design system that included all visual elements like typography, colors, icons, buttons, grids, etc.

MindMate UX project

In just a few months, you can add a project like these to your portfolio! Join the Upskill UX/UI program at Telerik Academy and master the skills needed to create exceptional user experiences that are both usable and visually appealing. Don't miss this opportunity - apply by March 10th!

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