Telerik founders build the largest incubator for technology companies and talent in SEE


Telerik founders build the largest incubator for technology companies and talent in SEE


It will be based in Mladost and will include start-ups and already established technology companies, mentors, experts and venture investors

It's time to unveil the new project of the Telerik and Telerik Academy co-founders - Vasil Terziev, Boyko Yaramov and Svetozar Georgiev. This is Campus X - the largest private incubator of technology companies and talent in Southeastern Europe. The large-scale project, an integral part of which is the Telerik Academy, aims to support and accelerate the success of the start-up and already established technology companies.

With the planned gradual expansion of the campus by the spring of 2019, Campus X will comprise of four modernly equipped buildings in the Mladost quarter with a total area of 18,000 square meters and a capacity for more than 1,000 jobs, making it the largest private incubator of technology and talent in Bulgaria and the region.

campus x

"There are technological entrepreneurs in Bulgaria who can reach and surpass Telerik's successes. But in order not to be the isolated case, but a permanent graduation process, companies need to live in an environment that provides conditions for sharing experiences and ideas and creating valuable contacts. That's why we decided to build Campus X - a living, integrated and working ecosystem that provides a bridge to mentors and expert, investors and capital, and last but not least, to the top technological talent coming from the Telerik Academy. By providing all the success factors under one roof, we can help companies accelerate their development significantly, achieve much more with less capital and multiply the positive effect, "commented Boyko Yaramov, co-founder of Campus X and Telerik Academy.

An Active Community Of Innovative Companies
Even prior to the official opening of Campus X, a number of technology companies with a total mark-up of about EUR 50 million have found their home there with ambitions to transform areas such as healthcare, education, transport, logistics and office space. Among them are Office RnD, the leader in shared space management platforms, Healee, which aims to revolutionize access to healthcare, Dronamics, the world’s first drone company that’s a strategic partner of the international air transport association (IATA), Telelink City Services, who develop smart urban solutions and Find Me Cure, which connects people suffering from various diseases with the most appropriate clinical trials for them.

Modern workspaces
The first phase of the campus launch is already in progress. It includes a total of 200 jobs in the form of private offices for start-ups and already established companies, as well as shared spaces for start-up organizations and freelance professionals. The campus will also offer meeting rooms, specialized telephone halls, modern kitchens and bathrooms, indoor and outdoor parking spaces, as well as access to a café and a IT store in the building itself.

campus x

In the next phases of development, which are due by the end of 2018 and the spring of 2019, Campus X is expected to expand gradually by three more buildings. Its total area will reach 18,000 square meters and will include over 1,000 jobs, meeting rooms, recreation and entertainment as well as green areas.

Integrated ecosystem
In addition to a modern workspace, Campus X occupants will also have access to training programs and talent, successful professionals in areas such as finance, law, human capital, marketing, product management, and more. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to have direct contact with Telerik's founders and their professional network, venture investors and business mentors. Further services are planned to save time and effort of the participants in the ecosystem as well as a number of specialized events.

Investments and capital
In addition to Telerik's founders, Eleven's venture capital fund Eleven, which recently announced a new private fund of 6 million euros, is among the first inhabitants of Campus X. Thus, current and future ecosystem participants will have access to venture investors and capital to support the rapid development of companies.

Telerik Academy provides access to exceptionally well-prepared talent
Companies in Campus X will also have access to the top technological talent coming from the campus-based Telerik Academy. They will be able to quickly expand their teams with new, holistically-trained staff during all stages of their development. Telerik Academy is a key element of Campus X, which is also clear from the campus logo, based on the new visual identity of the Academy.


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