How to become a JavaScript developer in 2023?


How to become a JavaScript developer in 2023?

Believe it or not, it is already 2023! And as the new year unfolds, everyone starts making new plans and setting goals for the upcoming months. From building new habits, travelling to new destinations, finding a new hobby and saving money to career goals like making a career switch. 

Well, we know how to help you achieve one of those things.  

If you want to pursue a new professional path and start a career in the IT sector - with Telerik Academy Alpha, you can do it in just 6 months. Every year over 600 people trust us and change their lives. The transformational journey called Alpha includes more than 800 hours of practical training, working in teams, building real-life projects, career coaching, enhancing your soft skills and meeting with top employers.   

It's the fastest path to launch your IT career and turn your goal into reality.  

So, if you plan a career change in 2023, Telerik Academy Alpha will open numerous opportunities for you. Why are we so sure of it? 

Firstly, IT is the most high-growth and future-proof sector to be part of, and by 2026 it will open more than 34,400 new jobs (according to BASSCOM report). Positions offering one of the highest salaries, a chance to learn and grow constantly, work-life balance and strong demand. And one of these jobs can be your new job. 

For the second reason why Alpha can be the most impactful step in your career and life, we asked 3 people who have already taken it. 

Meet our Alpha JavaScript alumni - Ina Dobrilova, Valentin Rangelov and Vasil Iliev. 3 people whose previous jobs were far from programming but today are yet another proof that anything is possible when you are motivated and eager to learn.  


Their decision to apply for our 6-month program Alpha JavaScript led them to work in the teams of two leading IT companies. Today, Ina is a Junior Software Developer at VMWare, Valentin and Vasil work at Digital Lights as Junior Software Developers.  

Keep on reading and learn more about their life-changing journey toward an IT career and how Telerik Academy Alpha helped them do this!  

Before getting into it, don't forget that admission to the Alpha JavaScript program is still open. If you want to become an in-demand developer in 2023 and transform your life – apply now! 

Starting from zero 

Before joining the Alpha JavaScript program, Ina, Valentin, and Vasil had no previous experience with programming. 

Ina: I worked in the Marketing and PR sector for over 12 years, and I was 34 when I decided to change my career. Telerik Academy was the only place I applied to and where I imagined studying - I knew the team and the program's quality. For me, there were no other options. 


Vasil: I graduated from The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFIZ) and was an actor for 2 years before deciding to change my career path. What I liked about Telerik Academy Alpha was the successful career start after it and the duration of the program itself. The period, 6 months, is much shorter than higher education, university and other academies. When a person has already graduated from university and invested several years in one profession but decides to change his professional path, it is better to do it quickly so as not to fall into the trap of an extended transition period between the two professions. 

Valentin: My previous experience was in the marketing field, creating online surveys. I had great positive examples from many of my friends who successfully changed their careers thanks to the Academy. It was a no-brainer for me too, so I chose Alpha JavaScript. 

Unique learning experience 

Valentin: There is a powerful motivation in surpassing yourself and your capabilities, and in Alpha, you do it constantly. When we started to learn new material, at first, we thought we understood it, then the tasks came, and we saw that we didn't understand anything, but in the end, everything fell into place. Every day we became better than the previous one and went beyond our limits, which is a powerful force to keep going forward. 


Ina: During the Alpha JavaScript program, we had buddy groups, trainers, mentors, and soft skills sessions, which helped us through every module. For me, fundamental knowledge backed up by a practical experience is one of the most valuable things. Not only doing something but also knowing why you are doing it and what the good practices are. Everything was worth it because there is no other way in such a short time, within 6 months, to acquire all the knowledge and practical experience needed to start your first IT job. 

Starting an IT career 

Fast-forward, 6 months later, they graduated from the program, and it's time for the next step: starting their IT careers. 

Vasil: A week after graduating from the Alpha program, I had over 10 offers to meet with partner companies of the Academy. I had interviews with 7 of them and received job offers from all 7. Within 2 weeks after the program ended, I accepted a job offer and started my first IT career at Digital Lights.  


Valentin: It was a surprise to me that immediately after graduation, several partner companies of Telerik Academy contacted me for interviews. A few days later, I accepted a job offer from Digital Lights. I am glad that I started working with one of my closest people in the Alpha program (Vasil), with whom we shared the path to a new career, and now we work in the same team. 

Ina: On the day of Alpha JavaScript's graduation, I started getting calls from the partners of the Academy, and I also proactively applied to several companies. In the following 2 weeks, I had interviews with over 10 companies, after which I received several job offers to choose from. 

Advice from Alpha JavaScript alumni

Ina: I can advise the people who are wondering whether to start an IT career to make this investment in themselves. It is the most important one that can change their career and life!  

Vasil: To find out if this is your career path, you have first to try, or you will never know. 

Valentin: My advice is to try, don't worry about the risk and give yourself a chance for a significant change in a positive way. 

Now it’s time to follow your dreams - apply for Alpha JavaScript and launch your successful IT career in 6 months!   


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