GemSeek: We believe in growing our talents


GemSeek: We believe in growing our talents

We are excited to introduce you to GemSeek – а company part of our ever-growing partner network. Established in 2011, today, GemSeek has more than 180 employees and shares a mutual goal with Telerik Academy - to develop young talent by giving them a chance to advance their professional careers.  

To learn more about the company, its mission and future plans, we talked with Petia Popova, HR Manager at GemSeek.


GemSeek is "an international fast-growing, award-wining Customer Experience services leader", as Petia Popova shared with us, adding that the company's clients are Fortune 500 multinational companies and leading consultancy firms.

“We are advisors for growth and predictors of the future! Our team helps business leaders with decision support analytics that directly impact the bottom line and competition,” Petia Popova explained. 

To help their clients provide better value to their own customers, the GemSeek team likes to say that they offer more than tools or algorithms but are "solving actual business problems". Therefore, the team drives deep into the client's business to create bespoke solutions and not just a "one-size-fits-all" fix  

GemSeek: Industry experts for impact 

GemSeek mission is to predict what customers will do next, and based on data and technology, to provide better value to their client's customers in advance.  

The company believes in inspiring complete business transformations, not just product iterations. And when we asked about a trend shaping GemSeek’s area of work, we learned more about the impressive technology developed by its team. 

“CX platforms – digitalization in the Marketing research – a scalable solution to give you clarity and guide your everyday decisions. We have our own SaaS CX solution which in the first three years of implementation can increase customer satisfaction YOY, retain 40% more customers, spend 30% less on customer support,” added Petia Popova. 


Growing junior IT talents 

At GemSeek, most of the roles are extremely customized, and being well prepared for those functions is rarely met on the market, and few people are prepared to do the job. So, they are strongly committed to supporting and developing young professionals eager to learn.  

“We believe in growing our talents. Our experience proved that if we find someone with high potential and basic solid knowledge, they can be taught in the required role within a year,” she explained, adding that personality is more important than knowledge and skills.  
“We invest in young, enthusiastic, proactive, motivated people to upskill them and lead them through the details and specifics of a role.”  

Partnership with Telerik Academy 

“We believe that the people who choose Telerik Academy for their further development are the right mix of personal traits, motivation, and knowledge to fit our culture.” 

Together with Telerik Academy, GemSeek shares a mutual goal – to support young professionals on their way to personal and career development. They see our team, dedicated to helping talent and companies, as “high professionalism and competence”. 

“Telerik Academy has proven to be a leader in this area of knowledge and the process of selecting, training, and developing people.” 

What’s next for GemSeek?  

The company has achieved many awards since its launches – such as Employer of Choice, Customer Centricity World Series Awards 2021, Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit and many more, but GemSeek continues to grow.

And its vision for the future is exciting! 

"Driven by our conviction, what we do and will keep doing in the future will be to walk hand-in-hand with companies on the journey to address customer needs proactively," explained Petia Popova. 


GemSeek understands that each journey is different. For companies that are still in the early stages, GemSeek can offer well-established market research. Those who already have customer feedback and are ready for the next step – support implementing customer experience measurement and management platforms.
"For those looking to scale up their programs, we offer our award-winning data algorithm – Predictive NPS. The algorithm predicts which customers are likely to be detractors, which enable the company to act preemptively. The best part? Predictive NPS gives companies a view over their complete customer base, thus scaling up their initiatives," clarified Petia Popova.

And finally, for companies, who have all these elements already in place, GemSeek provides its Next Best Experience algorithm – a recommendation engine for customer experience actions that companies can take.
"Few companies can proactively address customer needs now. In the years to come, those who choose to simply react to customers will lag behind the rest. We believe that the companies of the future will lead and act proactively to address customer needs, and we will be there to help them along the journey." 

Are you looking to jumpstart your career in IT? Find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. Are you a company seeking Master Junior talent? Then go through our business page or contact us directly. 

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