Finding career fulfillment with the help of Telerik Academy


Finding career fulfillment with the help of Telerik Academy


Velina Antonova Tinquin Telerik Academy Alpha

Velina Antonova worked as a freight forwarding agent for about 8 years when she decided it was time for a change. “I just needed to do something more fulfilling,” as she puts it. That is why she decided to make a career switch by joining Telerik Academy and becoming part of the IT industry. Today, she is part of the Tinqin team as a Junior Java Developer. 

We spend a large percentage of our lives at work. To put it in perspective, if you work an average of 8 hours a day from the age of 18 until 65, this is a total of 11 years. That’s a lot, and if you are not fulfilled by what you are doing, it can affect everything else you do. It might sound dramatic, but we are sure that most of you have felt it at some point in your lives.

The important thing is what we do if we are in an unsatisfying situation. 

For Velina, the answer was obvious - she needed a career switch after eight years in the freight business. That is why she joined the Telerik Academy Alpha with Java program.

The most important skill

During her education, Velina developed a strong passion for learning new things. 

“Everything that I have learned at the Telerik Academy Alpha program is valuable and above all – applicable in the real-life work environment. For example, thanks to the Academy, I adopted a structured approach of solving complex problems which I now use every day in my work”, explains Velina.

During the Telerik Academy Alpha, she had the opportunity to meet with our partners from Tinqin, as part of the training program. She talked to some of the developers and was able to feel firsthand the pulse of the company. 

“I had the chance to experience the atmosphere. At that very moment, I knew this is where I wanted to work upon graduation,” shares Velina.

The life-changing step

In less than two months after graduating, Velina joined the company that made such a huge impact on her - Tinqin.  Now she is a Junior Java Developer, part of “an incredible team,” as she describes her colleagues and work environment.

“The company culture is on another level. Here, at Tinqin, people trust each other and can create everything they set their minds to. This is a result of the great core values of the company and the emphasis on creating strong and effective teams.” 

But the great environment is not the only thing that Velina likes at Tinqin. The work itself is challenging and stimulating. “I’m currently working on a very intriguing project and I find that the everyday challenges I meet make my day meaningful and interesting”, she shares with us.

For Velina the career switch is a success with a tremendous impact on her. When we asked her how this changed her life, one word stuck above all - it made her happier. 

“Honestly, I can say that now I feel much happier, and most importantly, in the right place!  I appreciate everything that I have learned in Telerik Academy and that I had the chance to practice what I was excited about. And now… well, now I do it for a living.” 

At the end of our conversion, we asked Velina if she has advice for our new Telerik Academy students.  

The answer is short but an important one. 

“Keep learning!”

Follow your dreams, apply to Telerik Academy Alpha Java and find your career fulfillment.


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