Explained: Your 6-month road to a successful Python developer


Explained: Your 6-month road to a successful Python developer

Maybe you dream of creating software solutions that make people’s lives better? Or do you want to be part of the highest paying sector in Bulgaria? No matter your motives, there is one sure thing – the software sector needs people like you – ambitious and well-prepared.  

"You always make it sound so easy – is an ambition all that I need?” 

Well, you are almost right! Because all you need is an ambition to start and learn, and we’ll help with the rest. The part that you are not entirely right about is that it’s not easy.  

But if you give us 6 months, we can help you become a successful Python developer. We did it for over 1400 people like you in the last 5 years. 

So, today we share with you how you can join our graduates in the IT sector and why our newest Alpha with Python program is one of the best ways to do it.  

Keep reading, and you will learn:

  • How to prepare for the leading industry in Bulgaria with the first Alpha Python program?
  • Why choose Python for your IT career start?
  • From zero to Python developer: how is it possible?
  • How to apply, and what is the selection process for Alpha Python?
  • The Telerik Academy Alpha difference and how to stand out as a developer
  • After Alpha Python - what's next? 

Your 6-month road to a successful IT career with Telerik Academy Alpha Python is mission possible. Here’s how you can achieve it. 


Creating our first 6-month IT career start training with Python 

Our learners at Telerik Academy Alpha come from all walks of life – some of them are career changers who come with experience in architecture, sales, civil engineering, marketing, others already have some basic programming knowledge but need more practical experience companies seek.  

They all have one dream - to be successful software engineers. And we help them turn this dream into reality with our Alpha programs (Java, JavaScript, C#, QA). It’s there where the students’ ambition is combined with our team’s expertise to create successful developers equipped with the hands-on skills companies seek. 

Learning all the modern technologies in a tight group and building the skills that the companies actually look for in developers, is part of what makes our graduates so successful – 70% of them start their IT career in the first 1-3 months of graduation, and the rest follow in the period 6-12 months. 

And in 2022, we added one more  technology - Python, an expected step based on the growing demand for the language from both - people who want to learn it and companies that need Python developers. Just like with all our programs, Alpha Python was born after a deep analysis of the industry, feedback from our students and open communication with our partners, leading local and global software companies. 

There is a great need for such talent, which leads to excellent prospects for our learners. According to an analysis of job postings by CodingNomads, demand for Python has surpassed Java and C, and Python has been ranked as the most in-demand coding language for 2022, followed by Java and JavaScript. Also, if you do a quick search for Python at Dev.bg, it will show you over 1400 results. 


Stack Overflow survey 2021 

Along with the IT industry, the people in it state the same. In a survey by Stack Overflow from 2021 conducted among 82,000+ developers globally, Python is “the most wanted language” - 19 % of the participants answered that they want to develop with Python over the next year.  

Maybe you want to start programming with it too? We’ll help you develop crucial technical and soft skills for a lasting career as a Python Developer. 

But why Python? 

Python is highly flexible, versatile and extensible and has more valuable libraries than any other language. It is the programming language of 2021, according to TIOBE, and it's for a reason. Some of the biggest companies globally use Python for their development (Netflix, Youtube, IBM, Amazon, Nasa, Uber).   

"For me, Python is the best language for anyone who wants to start a career as a programmer. The language is easy to learn and use because of its simplified syntax. Python is easy to write and read and can be understood even by people who have never seen code before," shared Edward Evlogiev, Senior Technical Trainer at Telerik Academy and part of the stellar team supporting you during Alpha Python.

Building a successful IT career in 6 months 

We know that time is the most valuable resource. You can't get it back, so you must use it wisely. That's why our programs for IT career start are 6 months long. You don't have to spend years learning - you need the right methods and people - and we got both.  

Our proven model of training in our Alpha programs, practice-focused and mentored by leading trainers, is the fastest path for future Python developers, which in 6 months can lead them to a fulfilling IT career.  

The proof?  

In the last 5 years, we have seen it more than 1400 times with our dedicated learners. They start with almost zero programming skills, from different professional backgrounds or just graduated from high school with one goal to start their IT career and be part of one of the most high-growth and future-proof sectors. And they are achieving it with Telerik Academy Alpha. This is also the secret behind our newest Alpha program for Python developers.


Here is how to join the program and what you will get during (and even after) the intensive training.  

Your path: Explained 

To join Alpha Python and become a master with one of the most popular and highly demanded programming languages in the world, you have to pass the following steps successfully:  

  1. Submit your online application - you have to answer a couple of motivational questions and upload your CV;
  2. Take a quick online cognitive assessment, measuring your ability to learn and adapt; 
  3. Sit our entrance exam using a language of your choice - Java, C#, JavaScript, C++, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Swift;

If you have little or no programming skills yet, you can get ready for the exam (May 10) with our free online materials and test your skills with these mock exams

When you finish these steps, your application is successfully filled.  

For the final selection of candidates, we use a holistic review process. We consider various factors: your application documents, online cognitive assessment, entrance exam results, personal motivation for applying, etc. As a final step, you might also be invited to attend an interview to additionally discuss your career and development aspirations. 

The Telerik Academy Alpha difference

Ok, you’ve nailed the exam and got accepted! Welcome to the first Alpha Python program. You'll form buddy groups and start learning together, helping each other, taking the first steps and building a full-blown real-world project from scratch! 

How is it possible? 

We cap our groups small (40-45 students), so every learner gets a personalized training approach, consultations and individual development plans.  

Within the Alpha Python program, you will work in a team with motivated people like you, walking together toward the same goal (IT career). You will have a dedicated team of technical and soft skills trainers supporting you through the whole journey and even after it.


So, you will have a stellar team all along the way. What else to expect? During the Alpha Python program, every class is accompanied by hands-on assignments, workshops and projects. By the end of the program, you will have a professional portfolio with real-world projects to showcase your skills and impress future employers.  

Telerik Academy Alpha Python is all that. And even more. In 6 months, you get prepared to jumpstart your IT career and to: 

Stand out as a developer 

To help you stand out from the candidate pool, we dedicate 20% of the program to polishing your personal and teamwork skills. You will learn to work with people in different teams and with various skill sets to improve your teamwork, collaboration, self-management, and personal effectiveness. Our soft skills trainers will help you develop a systematic approach to problem-solving, master various problem-solving techniques and learn how to leverage empathy and emotional intelligence to excel and grow.  

To accelerate your career right after graduating from Alpha Python, we will prepare you for technical job interviews, review your CV, give you personalized feedback, and guide you on your job search strategy and career exploration. And soon after graduating, you can receive the desired job offer and be hired by your dream company. In 2021, 70% of our graduates start working in the IT sector in the first three months after graduation. 

So, you now know how to get to the end of the road leading you to an IT career with Python. Let’s talk about what will come after that and all the: 

Career opportunities with Python 

The most satisfying part and your personal reward for the hard work – achieving an IT career (along with more work and learning): 

Learning Python gives you an abundance of job opportunities. There is also a growing demand for Python developers and a significant shortage of such experts. The programming language is used in fields predicted to rise in the following years, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis. 

And if you choose to learn Python, you have made an excellent choice. Last year, a report from freelancing site Upwork revealed that Python was one of the top 15 highest-paying programming languages on its platform. 

During Alpha Python, you will meet our hiring partners, leading global and local tech companies and have the freedom and confidence to start a job anywhere in the IT industry - within or beyond our network. If you choose to continue your career path with a partner company, you’ll get a 30% discount on your tuition.  

Ready to jump on the fastest path to an IT career with Python?

So how do you want to spend the next 6 months for yourself? Does transforming your life with the first Alpha Python program and joining the leading IT industry sound like your next career step?  

Do it today! Our Alpha Python program may sound challenging, but it's doable. Just try it yourself. With our two-month trial period, if you drop out at the beginning of the program, you don't pay any tuition. Simple as that.  

Ready to start? Apply for Alpha Python by May 8 and start building your dream life! 


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