Supercharge your UX/UI design skills and career


Supercharge your UX/UI design skills and career


Lyubozar Dimitrov - Supercharge your UX/UI design skills and career

Today we speak with Lyubozar Dimitrov – a Creative Director at Rhythm Engineering, who leads both marketing and production design.

Despite his extensive professional experience, Lyubozar was stuck between the tight deadlines and a swiftly shifting company’s focus towards building new software products. As a leader of a small but dedicated team, he had to upgrade and update on his UX/UI skillset.

“I needed fast-track guidance in a broad spectrum of themes that were going all the way from the UX basics to UI Design best-practices and Design Systems management. Luckily, Telerik Academy happened to provide just that.”

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Investing in success

Lyubozar was actively looking for ways to improve his knowledge in UX/UI with the aim of delivering better and faster results. A former colleague and a friend of his warmly recommended Telerik Academy’s UX/UI Design program.

So, Lyubozar turned to Rhythm Engineering’s CEO with the idea to support him joining the course.

“Our company has been partnering with Telerik Academy, so he was aware of its good reputation and the quality of the training. It was a straight-forward decision for the company to support me in building upon a foundation I already had, and ultimately improve our products.”

Upskilling experienced design specialists

Lyubozar has been engaged in design-related work for nearly 20 years.

“I’ve been working as a Web Designer, as a Graphic Designer, as a Flash Developer, and as an Architect. I have a successful long-term freelance experience as a Graphic Designer for various clients mainly from the pharmaceutical and the construction businesses.”

Besides, his “coding” background has always been a key asset to his career. Lyubozar has some programming experience in JavaScript, ActionScript, Java, as well as Android Development. Last but not least, he is currently advancing his knowledge in React.

Mastering a broad spectrum of skills

“One of the things I’ve found most valuable was that the course project was built to give us an A-to-Z insights in almost all stages and aspects of the development of a complete product.”

Moreover, Telerik Academy’s program is focused on providing a broader context and a possibility to attain additional knowledge, stretching beyond the set curriculum, as Lyubozar adds.

“On a final note, I cannot stress enough the lecturers’ contribution to the overall success of the program. By sharing their rich experience, they helped us learn actionable steps and frameworks that can be put to practice right away.”

Continuous learning and greater confidence

The program had a tremendous impact on Lyubozar’s work experience.

“I’m now able to better understand and manage the prerequisites, the processes, and tools required to evaluate a complete UX/UI project. I’m more confident when making decisions or when exploring uncharted grounds. I work faster, providing better results.”

Why join Telerik Academy Upskill UX/UI Design program?

UX/UI is a broad field with millions of nuances and countless possible directions and applications, as Lyubozar explains, adding that it is an area that may be hard to navigate at first and it takes time for young professionals to find their perfect fit.

“Being a tech-junkie or more of a humanitarian-type, creatively- or communication-focused, the only way to find out where one belongs is getting some quality first-hand experience within every aspect of a project development process.

Telerik Academy’s program does just that – shedding light on all major aspects and painting a comprehensive picture of the principles and processes, which drive this compelling and ever-evolving professional field.”

Want to accelerate your career? Join Telerik Academy Upskill UX/UI Design and become a well-rounded professional. Admission ends on Feb 27, 2022. Complete your application by Jan 16, 2022, and you can be part of our free pre-course training!


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