Confident career start with Telerik Academy


Confident career start with Telerik Academy


Damyan Dimitrov - Telerik Academy Alumni

Today we speak with Damyan Dimitrov who has previously worked in a governmental agency. Yet, Damyan felt he needed to make a change. After successfully graduating from Telerik Academy cohort, Damyan jumpstarted a successful IT career at ScaleFocus. Here’s his inspiring story.

Work that motivates you daily
For Damyan ScaleFocus stood out as an employer because it offered him the opportunity to contribute to various exciting projects. Another key differentiator compared to other companies was the chance to work both on Quality Assurance (QA) and software development.

“ScaleFocus is growing very fast. It offers tons of opportunities for every software engineer,” shares Damyan, who is happy he could make a seamless career shift.

Skills for life
Telerik Academy’s rigorous training equipped Damyan with the right skills and mindset to succeed at his new workplace. The course involved not only QA practice but also essential programming skills.

“This helped me keep up with the constantly evolving technologies and prepared me for my current role as a Test Automation Engineer.”

Damyan adds that he continues to apply what he has learned at the Academy daily. Moreover, his position allows and encourages him to acquire new knowledge and skills in the dynamic IT sector.

Advice to the current students
According to Damyan, Telerik Academy will give you as much as you’re willing to take from it. So, don’t choose the easy way. Go the extra mile. Do your homework assignments. Read additional materials. And never stop learning.

“If you want to succeed, you need to put everything you got into it. The results are worth it.”

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