Gtmhub: We value self-starters who take instant actions to solve issues


Boyan Mihaylov, Gtmhub: We value self-starters who take instant actions to solve issues


Like the modern startup fairy tale, for Gtmhub, it all started in a small garage in Gorublyane in 2015, an industrial neighborhood in Sofia.

Six years later, the company, a member of Telerik Academy partner network, is among the leading providers of OKR (Objectives and Key Results) software, supports more than 500,000 users across 75 countries and 1,000+ organizations, including CNN, Red Hat, Adobe, Societe Generale, and Experian.

Furthermore, in December 2021, Gtmhub closed a $120 million Series C funding, the largest in the OKRs software industry to date! All of this is the best evidence for Gtmhub's fascinating growth in the highly competitive $42 billion OKRs software space.

A growth that will continue with scaling operations, increasing marketing penetration and expanding product offerings. And, of course, team expansion. 

photo of boyan mihaylov, director, Software Engineering at Gtmhub, a telerik academy partner

To learn more about the company, its future, and junior talent's role in Gtmhub's plans, we talked to Boyan Mihaylov, Director, Software Engineering at Gtmhub.

First, congratulation on your big news! Before sharing more about your most significant achievements since launch, can you tell us a bit more about Gtmhub?

Thank you! Well, Gtmhub is a software scaleup that helps businesses orchestrate strategy and deliver better results by offering the world's most adaptable Results Orchestration System. Our platform helps companies stay laser-focused on goals while maintaining transparency and visibility across the organization.

Since Gtmhub's inception in 2015, our team has grown to more than 200 people with offices in Sofia, Berlin, London, Paris, and Denver. In 2021, we announced a $30 million Series B round led by American VC Insight Partners and joined by previous investor LAUNCHub Ventures, thus increasing the amount we have raised to over $40 million. 

This makes Gtmhub one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Bulgaria and Central and Eastern Europe!

And a couple of days ago, in December 2021, we announced the raising of an additional $120 million through the Series C funding, the largest in the OKR's software space. So, with  $161 million in total funding, we have raised more than any other organization in the OKRs software space.

photo of part of gtmhub's team at their office

That is excellent news! So, what follows next for Gtmhub?

One word – growth. In a hypergrowth mode, we plan to expand every facet of our business even more. 

We plan to develop our platform further to become the worldwide leader in helping organizations achieve their missions and be successful.

We can imagine that people have an essential part in your plans for hypergrowth. Can you share with us why do you invest in junior talent?

In Gtmhub, we value self-starters and take instant actions to solve issues that come up. People who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and fail - those that can wear more than one hat and deliver results outside of their immediate areas of expertise.  

Juniors find it very easy to fit in such a culture since they are passionate, curious, and open-minded. They bring innovative ideas and lots of creative energy to the table. Juniors help a company grow, and they grow together with it. 

We focus on the personal development of each engineer at Gtmhub. Everyone is matched with a mentor and gets personal OKR to guide them on their career journey within the company. Each new team member receives real tasks and feedback from day 1 – we believe this allows people to see how they are making a difference and gives them confidence and a sense of purpose. 

Why did you choose Telerik Academy as your partner for sourcing Master Junior Talent?

Telerik Academy has been our partner since the early days of Gtmhub – many well-trained juniors have come to us straight from the Alpha programs. Since we have an established culture of learning in Gtmhub, they grew very quickly with us. The junior talents who joined us back then are now regular and senior engineers, who regularly mentor newcomers.

photo of gtmhub's team at their office

One last question: We are curious to learn about a current trend that shapes your work area of work.

COVID-19 has affected nearly every part of an organization – people and businesses are dealing with unprecedented levels of uncertainty.

Today, the demand for a methodology and platform to help organizations anticipate disruption, adapt strategy, and deliver results is higher than ever.

The pandemic has also significantly transformed organizations' operating models – hybrid work is the new normal. One of the critical challenges that remote work presents is keeping employees aligned with company goals and priorities. The OKR methodology combined with software like ours can bring everyone across the organization on the same page.

Are you looking to jumpstart your career in IT? Find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. Are you a company seeking Master Junior talent? Then go through our business page or contact us directly.


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