Career Transformation: How an Architect Became a UX/UI Designer


Career Transformation: How an Architect Became a UX/UI Designer

Do architecture and UX/UI design have anything in common? It might sound unusual, but according to Tsveti Stoycheva, the answer is a resounding yes. She believes both fields share a basis in creative problem-solving, user-centred design, and the efficient communication of ideas. Tsveti's story exemplifies this connection as she embarked on a design career after completing the Upskill UX/UI Design course at Telerik Academy.

If you are curious to learn more about Tsveti's journey with Upskill UX/UI Design, read the interview below. If you want to follow in her steps, apply for the program by 10 March here.


Please introduce yourself! 

I'm Tsveti. I used to be an architect, and now I am a practicing UX designer. The rest of the time, I go to concerts, ski, run, and listen to Andrew Huberman's advice.

How did you get into UX/UI design? What attracted you most about it? 

What caught my interest the most was how closely architecture is linked to UX design - they both let us tackle user problems in the real and digital worlds. The job keeps evolving with the rapid changes in the digital field, pushing designers like me to keep learning and growing. I’m excited about using my current skills and acquiring new ones along the way.

What skills should a UX/UI designer have?

First and foremost, possessing empathy is crucial – the ability to understand and appreciate the perspectives of individuals, whether they are consumers or professionals from diverse technological and business backgrounds with whom you collaborate.

This brings me to the next set of skills: effective communication, collaborative teamwork, and the ability to listen attentively and comprehend. It also requires adaptability, allowing you to reexamine and address tasks from the vantage point of various roles within the team.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is curiosity. This trait is essential because, in the UX/UI Designer role, you often encounter new subjects and scenarios. It's vital to approach learning something new with a positive mindset. Additionally, fostering a curiosity to explore and master new tools and knowledge should be integral to expanding your design repertoire, as the learning journey extends well beyond the graduation from Telerik Academy.

Why did you choose to study in the Telerik Academy program? What did you find most valuable about it?

I learned about the Academy’s program through recommendations from active designers. What immediately stood out to me during the pre-course training before the program was the commitment expected from both participants and trainers. Trainers are consistently present online, providing feedback even outside lecture time. Other people we can also learn from in the process are mentors and external speakers sharing their insights from the design field. Notably, teamwork and regular progress presentations to peers and trainers contribute to developing essential soft skills throughout the course.

You're already working as a UX/UI designer - how did the Upskill UX/UI program help you? What are the development options for people who have gone through the program?

Everything I have mentioned so far has helped me shape and enhance my skills in small steps. I also gained valuable insights into collaborating with a team of designers to create a real product. Initially, I still did not fully grasp how practically oriented the program was. However, as I began applying what I learned, I gained a deeper appreciation about the course. This hands-on approach boosted my confidence and validated my knowledge, especially when engaging with designers and professionals from other fields who have much more experience than me.

What does your typical workday look like?

I like that it is quite dynamic from the very beginning - I have been working for a month. Our morning starts with a 10-minute meeting dedicated to the project I'm involved in. During these meetings, we discuss each team member's progress on tasks, offer help if needed, and foster a collaborative approach. In this project, I work independently as a sole designer.

The rest of the time I spend on research and design, as well as communicating further with people from the team to discuss specific tasks. I also have a mentor, and together with her and the other designers in the company, we consult and keep up to date with all the projects. Since we are a service-oriented company and the variety of tasks is great, staying updated is essential.

What would you advise those who have not yet decided whether to join the Upskill UX/UI Program? And the ones who have enrolled already?

If you believe this is your true calling, Telerik Academy equips you with the tools, and your determination and hard work will pave the way to becoming a successful UX/UI designer. Moreover, the Bulgarian UX community offers an excellent environment for personal and professional growth - constantly hosting engaging events. 

While challenges may arise, so do exciting opportunities. Good luck on your journey!


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