Unveiling Success: Kris's Path to Mastery in UX/UI Design

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Unveiling Success: Kris's Path to Mastery in UX/UI Design

Meet Kristian Kolev, a seasoned UX/UI designer at Vedamo. His journey into the world of design began in high school, where he discovered a passion for graphic design. From freelancing to navigating digital agencies, Kris's story is an inspiration about the power of dedication and curiosity.

Kris credits much of his recent success to the structured approach of Telerik Academy's Upskill UX/UI program, which provided him with invaluable insights and practical skills. Join us as we delve into Kris's remarkable journey and discover how Telerik Academy helped shape his career.


Please, introduce yourself

Hi, I'm Kristian, and I work as a Product/UX designer at Vedamo. My design journey began in 2006 when I was accepted into a high school specializing in graphic design. Interestingly, it was the only school that accepted me, so somehow it was meant for me to reach where I am today.

My career as a designer started out of sheer interest in branding, later evolving into web design. I began as a freelancer on platforms like 99designs, working on various projects and with clients based on briefs. This experience was invaluable as it was the only way for me to find real work besides inventing projects and copying what I saw. Gradually, I focused on branding, pages, and websites.

My first job was at a digital agency, where I learned a lot. Since 2016, I officially call myself a UX designer, having self-taught by devouring everything available on the internet.

How did you find your path to UX/UI Design

Kris: As I mentioned, I am self-taught. I built up a relatively acceptable visual portfolio, and with luck, I got into a job that became my university. I felt drawn to working on the logic and reasons behind visual decisions. That's how it all began - with a little confidence and a desire for development.

What are the key skills for aspiring UX/UI Designers?

Kris: In my opinion, the most essential quality is to have good listening skills, to listen with interest and without bias to everything you hear. This doesn't exclude critical thinking. Critical thinking and constantly asking "why" are very important. Curiosity is also key - to learn everything we can, whether it's related to our profession or not. Discipline is extremely important - the consistency and coherence of actions. It's important to be consistent, even if our actions are not the best.

Why did you choose Telerik Academy?

Kris: The program at Telerik Academy is incredible. Regardless of previous experience and knowledge I've accumulated over the years, I lacked structure and consistency in processes. The Upskill program helped me see when and why certain things are done. When you work with other people with similar interests and mentors who impart their knowledge with love, it's incredibly different and useful. I have also gone through other courses like the Google UX course, which is self-paced. From my perspective, it is very convenient to skip, postpone, and prolong these courses for years. However, the structured approach of the Telerik Academy program for three months is extremely effective. The program is so intensive that it can replace a three to four-year education. If you concentrate and focus, you can achieve incredible success in the field.

How does your work day look like?

Kris: My day is structured and dynamic. We start with a briefing, where we discuss the progress and needs of the team. Then I work with tools like my favorite (work) pencil, a notebook and Figma. This helps me organize and validate my ideas before I start implementing them. The notebook is something that saves me a lot of time and mistakes by allowing me to validate and discuss the directions I'm moving in.


What’s your advice for people considering Upskill UX/UI as a next career step?

Kris: For anyone wondering whether to join the program, my advice is to do it. If you have experience as a graphic designer and want to change your profession, this program will fully prepare you for the new field. You will feel comfortable and confident in your knowledge because you will have learned and practiced everything necessary for a successful career in UX/UI design.

To join the free pre-course and polish your portfolio for a better chance of getting into Upskill UX/UI, apply by July 7.

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