“Telerik Academy Alpha is the shortest path to a successful IT career”

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“Telerik Academy Alpha is the shortest path to a successful IT career”


Back in 2016, Alek graduated from university with a major in Finance and Accounting, but his career path went on a different way. During the summers he was working in the USA as a bartender and when he was finally back in Bulgaria for good, Alek had an opportunity to start a job in the financial field. Realizing that working in that industry was not the career he wanted to pursue, he decided to take a different step

That's when Alek applied to Telerik Academy Alpha C# to pursue a career as sought-after software developer. 

Despite having no previous experience in the IT sector, Alek got his dream job with the help of Telerik Academy’s training team, and today he is a Senior Software Engineer at Resolute Software.

How did he go from zero experience to a developer in less than a year? Joining Telerik Academy Alpha C# was the key to his success, and as he described it, “the shortest path to an IT career”.

This is his story.   

You still have the chance to follow Alek’s example and transform your life – apply to the Alpha C# program until 11:59 pm on July 30! 


Hi, Alek! We are happy for the opportunity to take you a little back and talk about the beginning of your IT career. Can you share with us how it all started? 

Before joining the Academy, I was involved in two different working sectors quite far from IT. I studied Finance and Accounting at university, and along with that, I spent my summers in the USA working as a bartender. I had different options for further professional development, one in the restaurant business in the United States and the other in the financial industry here, in Bulgaria. Great opportunities, but neither was the career I wanted to pursue.

A friend of mine had a great experience with Telerik Academy Alpha C# and achieved great results after the program, so I decided that I could give it a try and see if it was my thing.

What made you choose Telerik Academy? How did you know that this was the right place for you? 

As I said, I had fantastic feedback for the Academy from my best friend who was studying there at the time. He was entirely dedicated to the program and enthusiastic about the whole career change he when through, which impressed me a lot.

I decided to apply to Telerik Academy Alpha C#, and I can say that this is the best decision I have ever made for my career development. The technical and practical knowledge gained during the training at Telerik Academy made it extremely easy to start working in a completely new and different field for me. 

Which were the key lessons that you learned during the Alpha program? 

Telerik Academy helped me learn a lot about myself. But the most important thing was you could cope with all sorts of new challenges if you fully dedicate yourself to them. Each module in the Alpha program started with something new and unfamiliar to me. Still, after investing enough time and effort, I felt great satisfaction with the knowledge gained and the results achieved at the end of the module.

What did you find most valuable in the Telerik Academy Alpha C# program?

There are so many!

Telerik Academy gave me a lot of technical, practical and soft skills knowledge. The Alpha C# program helped me build a great professional network, and I established a lasting connection with colleagues from the Academy and the mentors who taught us. The Telerik Academy's partner network companies made starting work extremely easy after graduating.

Is there a moment from your education at Telerik Academy that you’ll always remember with a smile? 

Perhaps the sweetest moments were at the end of each module. when you see the reward for all your time and effort - the new knowledge and skills you’ve gained.  
There was another award. Back in 2018, when I was studying at Telerik Academy, and the programs weren't online, we celebrated the success of each module meeting outside with colleagues and mentors, and there were many smiles.

Thank you for this conversation. We wish you the best of luck, and before we say goodbye, we have one last question - what advice would you give to our new Telerik Academy students? 

The beginning is always the hardest, but Telerik Academy knows the shortest path to your successful IT career. 

The admission to Telerik Academy Alpha C# closes on July 30. Hurry up and 
write your exciting journey! 


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