Taulia: Today, junior IT talent is much better prepared

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Taulia: Today, junior IT talent is much better prepared

Our partner network is growing, and we are more than happy to introduce to you one of the companies joining us on our mission to support young talents on their way to personal and professional development in the software sector. 

Taulia is a fintech provider of working capital management solutions, starting in 2009 as a start-up. Today, it has more than 300 employees globally, and more than 2 million businesses use its platform. Taulia has an ambitious goal to keep growing. Bulgaria is a crucial location to that end, and so is the development of local junior IT talent. 

MartinAtanasov_Taulia_TelerikAcademy_Partner_Company_Junior_IT_TalentTo learn more about the company and get interesting insights, we talked with Martin Atanasov. 

Martin’s journey at Taulia started more than 7 years ago as one of their first employees in Bulgaria. Today, he is Director of Engineering, responsible for three teams and the onboarding and the development of junior IT talents.

All this makes him the perfect person to talk about the company and the future of junior IT talents. So, without further ado, time to learn more about Taulia! 

Hi Martin, can you tell us a bit about Taulia?  

Taulia is a FinTech company based in Silicon Valley. We develop an electronic invoicing and supply chain financing solution, helping businesses worldwide unlock trapped cash and improve their working capital.

Our platform is based on microservices architecture and runs in the cloud. We work with large datasets and solve challenging problems.

Taulia launched as a start-up in 2009 and has grown to over 300 employees globally. We have a stable and mature product and a carefully crafted company culture of openness, inclusion, and ownership.

Taulia has 10 global offices – one of which is in Sofia. When did you open it, and what are its main goals?

Taulia Bulgaria was established in 2014 as part of a significant expansion, which saw Taulia grow from a single office in San Francisco to multiple locations across and outside of the US. Several other countries were considered, but Bulgaria was recognized as the best destination having a great IT community and talent pool, capable of delivering a lot of added value.

All Taulia Engineering locations are made equal – being home to one or more development teams responsible for specific modules of our platform.

Sofia is the largest office now, with six development teams and multiple other functions. We have naturally gained more and more ownership over the years, and about half of Taulia's engineering workforce is concentrated here. 


You work in an exciting sector, and we are curious – is there a current trend shaping your area of work? 

In 2020, the world learned how important it is to be adaptable. At Taulia, working remotely has always been a part of our culture. We take responsibility for our work but also own our time. That's why the lockdowns and rapid shift to working from home found us prepared and didn't impact our productivity. We do enjoy spending time together in the office, though.

Let’s talk a little about the team's development - why do you invest in junior IT talent? 

We are always looking for capable and responsible people, regardless of their seniority level. Nowadays, Junior talent is much better prepared, and the IT academies like Telerik Academy play a massive role. We're happy to provide a nurturing environment, guidance and mentorship and take our part in scaling the IT community in Bulgaria to the next level.

cleverpine team during a football tournament

Why did you choose Telerik Academy as your partner when it comes to sourcing master junior talent? 

Telerik Academy impressed us with its extensively developed training programs, holistic approach and professionalism. Last but not least – the reputation. Telerik Academy is among the pioneers, and its alumni are proven to be successful.   

What is next for Taulia's office in Bulgaria? 

Taulia has ambitious growth plans, and the Bulgarian office is a crucial part of that. We're looking to expand into more markets with new products and solve more demanding challenges. And we're looking to welcome more great people among us! 

Are you looking to jumpstart your career in IT? Find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. Are you a company seeking Master Junior talent? Then go through our business page or contact us directly. 

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