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Swift transition from banking to programming


Borislav Borisov

Borislav Borisov has obtained a Master’s degree in International Project Management and Financial Management. After graduation, he worked as a Senior Bank Officer and had plenty of opportunities to further advance his career.

Yet, Borislav felt that this was not his true calling. He conducted extensive research and decided to join Telerik Academy and enter the IT world. The program helped him switch careers and become an Integration Consultant at Bright Consulting.

New career opportunities
Borislav started a promising IT career at one of Telerik Academy’s partner companies - Bright Consulting - just a month after graduation.

“Studying at the Academy was a smart investment that has definitely paid off – after landing my new job, I felt so good – curious, calm and happy with my work and personal life.”

In his current role, Borislav is responsible for systems integration and provides consulting services to customers who need help choosing the right automation approach for their business.

Standing out as an employer
Borislav appreciates the chance to work for Bright Consulting because he’s learning new things daily in a friendly and motivating environment.

“Bright’s most important asset is people. Although, this is the first IT company I have worked for so far, what I value most is the personal attitude everyone gets. In turn, this motivates me to deliver my best work.”

The right training
“Telerik Academy helped me acquire the skills and knowledge needed to jumpstart a career in IT.”

Borislav adds that he was constantly supported and encouraged by the trainers to pursue his passion and learn new things in the technical and soft skills domains.

“All knowledge starts with curiosity. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter if you don't know all the answers, what matters is to be curious and motivated to look for them.”

Advice to the new Telerik Academy students
Borislav recommends making the leap. The journey to the dream IT career may be tough, but it’s doable and worth it.

“Some of the tasks are daunting, but once you manage to solve them, you’ll feel like a hero. Go for it and may the force be with you!”

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