SiteGround: "Together we expand the professional horizons of the Upskill Digital Marketing students"

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SiteGround: "Together we expand the professional horizons of the Upskill Digital Marketing students"

What marketing skills do top employers like SiteGround value, and what do you need to advance further in your marketing career? How can Telerik Academy’s Upskill Digital Marketing help you do that?

We discussed this with Valentina Kozhouharova, HR Director at SiteGround, and Rumina Mateva, an Upskill Digital Marketing graduate who is now a Brand Manager there. Read below to discover how the program helped Rumina land her dream job and what set her apart from SiteGround’s perspective.

Don't forget to apply for the only Upskill Digital Marketing edition in 2024 by January 21. You’ll be trained by industry experts with real data provided by our partners SiteGround and Payhawk. At the end of the program, you’ll present in front of them and get valuable feedback. Joining Upskill Digital Marketing is also your ticket to our strong alumni network that gives you access to resources, peer advice and exciting job opportunities.

Valentina Kozhouharova_SiteGround

Valentina, can you tell us about your role as HR Director at SiteGround?

I have been part of SiteGround’s HR team for 8+ years, and my purpose, no matter the title, has always been the same: to know our people, to serve their best interests along with the core values of the company, and to find other people who share the same beliefs and dedication to their work as we do :) As an HR Director, I have the opportunity to lead the team on a major scale, implement processes and establish partnerships that I believe are essential for the long-term nurturing of the SiteGround community and team.

How did you decide to partner with our Upskill Digital Marketing program, and what are your expectations from this collaboration?

We've been closely following the Telerik Academy Upskill programs and activities as we see that the Academy and SiteGround are look-alikes in many aspects. The Upskill programs are carefully planned; you have a step-by-step enrollment process towards the applicants and an on-going development of the program and its contents. My expectations from our collaboration are to expand the professional horizons of the candidates and give them the opportunity to work on real global business cases and challenges that will give them valuable hands-on experience. Our team is looking forward to meeting the dedicated bright talents participating in the program this year, and sharing our experience with them with great enthusiasm!

We understand you hired Rumina - one of the Upskill Digital Marketing graduates, not too long ago. What qualities or skills stood out in her during the hiring process?

During our hiring process, the primary attributes we consider are just as much the candidates' skills, as well as their personal traits and motivation to learn and improve, together with their core values. Telerik Academy's practice of conducting a thorough admission procedure before accepting candidates aligns very well with our approach. In this particular case, Rumina was one of the candidates working on our business case during Upskill Digital Marketing. We were very impressed with the delivery and achievements of all candidates. What led to our invitation to Rumina, was her level of attention to detail and her willingness to explore the case deeply for new opportunities in a creative and innovative way - it was just a perfect match.

How has Rumina contributed to your team since joining?

For the past 4 years, she has proven to be a major creative force in our marketing team, crafting one of our most successful content marketing campaigns, championing our video marketing production efforts from idea to production and distribution, and in the past year was very much involved in the whole marketing strategy around our latest product releases.

How do you see the future of digital marketing evolving, and what skills will be in high demand?

The future of digital marketing will be shaped by AI and Machine Learning, video content and influencer marketing but I believe that the audiences will become more demanding. Authenticity and alignment with brand values will become more and more important.

In what ways does your company prioritize upskilling for your employees?

Upskilling is one of the main pillars of our people strategy as we believe that successful professionals need to continuously develop their technical, creative, analytical and soft skills. We have had upskill programs since the company started. We sponsor SiteGrounders to attend various conferences and workshops of their choice worldwide, to sign up for different upskill programs and encourage them to develop their knowledge and expertise in their professional field.

Rumina Mateva_ SitGround

Rumina, why did you decide to enroll in the Upskill Digital Marketing program? What was your previous experience?

In any profession, it's crucial to keep learning and improving. Times are constantly changing, now faster than ever, and staying updated is a must. That's exactly why I joined the Telerik Academy Upskill Digital Marketing program. My background is business administration, where marketing specialization wasn't an option then. I realized I needed to fill in some gaps in my marketing knowledge which is why I joined the program.

Looking back at your own experience, how do you think the program contributed to your successful hiring at SiteGround?

Call it faith, but during the program, my team and I worked on a project related to SiteGround. Our final presentation, which showcased ideas and insights gained throughout the course, was actually in front of SiteGround representatives. And it seems what we presented resonated with them, and that’s how my SiteGround journey began.

Were there specific skills or knowledge gained from Upskill Digital Marketing that you found particularly valuable in your current role?

The program covered the A to Z of digital marketing – customer journeys, content creation, landing pages, PPC, email marketing, and more. Understanding the interplay of these elements is crucial for a symbiotic marketing strategy. And that was one of the most valuable aspects that have helped me in my current role.

How do you see your career evolving in the digital marketing field?

Hopefully, in an even more creative, at the same time data-driven way, keeping pace with emerging trends like AI. Digital marketing is fiercely competitive, and my goal is to continuously sharpen my skills and we’ll see.

What advice would you give to those still hesitant about joining the Upskill Digital Marketing program?

If you are looking to get a grasp on all things digital marketing, this program is for you. Here’s why:

  • You get real, hands-on knowledge and experience;
  • You get to meet some of the best professionals in the field;
  • You get to work with and learn from an incredible peer group.

Ready to skyrocket your Marketing career? Learn the ins and outs of Digital Marketing from top experts and work with real data from our partners SiteGround or Payhawk. Apply for the only edition of Upskill Digital Marketing in 2024 by January 21.


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