Simona’s 6-month journey to becoming a Front-End Developer

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Simona’s 6-month journey to becoming a Front-End Developer from scratch

In 6 months, your life can take a turn for the better, just like it happened to Simona Ilcheva - a super-mom of two who dreamed of working for a top-notch product company (Intermedia) and made this her reality.

Like many of our students, she had doubts about her success, especially with the responsibilities at home. Despite these challenges, Simona's determination paid off. Read below what made her apply for Alpha JavaScript and how that impacted her life.

If you feel ready for a new life-changing adventure, take the first step towards your new life and apply for JavaScript by March 3 here.

Going back to the road not taken

Simona's interest in coding started back in university. She had some programming experience, and the coding world intrigued her, but she had yet to pursue a career in tech. She had already heard a lot about Telerik Academy when she decided to go for it.

"I knew about Telerik Academy before considering the program. I've always thought highly of it", she shares.
Simona Ilcheva - Alpha JavaScript Alumni

Overcoming initial challenges

Simona made a bold move and enrolled in Telerik Academy's fundamentals course. It seemed like an excellent fit for people like her, curious but unsure. With the help of experienced people by her side, she was ready to embark on a journey of change.

"The course is a great opportunity for the hesitant ones. It allows them to try and see if coding is a good fit for them."

The start was tough, and Simona felt a bit overwhelmed at first. "I started having doubts if i could make it. The beginning is the hardest. What helped me the most were my colleagues in our buddy group. It was of great help to rely on someone, " she says.

Her excitement and enthusiasm are what kept her going. The joy of creating something from the ground up was an incredible inspiration for Simona. "The feeling is great! To build a working application from scratch." she shares with enthusiasm.

Career breakthrough

One of our partner companies was so impressed by Simona that she got a job interview invite straight from them.

"Telerik Academy teaches you not to be afraid of challenges, " says Simona, who aced the interview and landed her dream job as a frontend developer at our partners Intermedia.

Your journey starts here

As Simona says, "Try it out. You never know what you're capable of. The fundamentals course is a great opportunity to see if coding is for you". Well, we couldn't have said it better. Join us at Telerik Academy, where dreams meet opportunities.

Apply for the next Alpha JavaScript by March 3 and transform your career and life!

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