“How Telerik Academy transformed my life?”

Success Stories

“How Telerik Academy transformed my life?”


For 10 years now, we’ve been helping people to jumpstart promising careers in IT and change their lives. We called on our alumni to share their stories and how Telerik Academy impacted them.

Dimitar - Telerik Academy Alumni

Today we meet Dimitar. From a non-technical guy stuck in an unsatisfactory structural engineering career to becoming a successful software developer, Dimitar’s story is nothing less than inspirational.

Something was missing
After obtaining his Master in Structural Engineering from the UACEG University, Dimitar spent a couple of years working in the construction industry.

“I didn’t have an opportunity to put my ideas into practice and to prove myself as a specialist. I had an additional qualification as a program management specialist, but I was not satisfied with my career…something was just not feeling right.”

A life-changing night out
“One day I went out for a beer with a friend of mine, with whom we’ve been to high school together.

He told me about Telerik Academy. After our meeting, I went home and did a quick online check. My reaction was wow…it was exactly what I was looking for.

A new career path
“After high school I didn’t chose software development because my idea of it involved boring activities like finding the sum of a diagonal in a 2d matrix. But the Telerik Academy’s program looked different as it was packed with practical sessions.

My engineering job at the time was gloomy and stagnant, to say the least.

Despite the hurdles, I still wanted to pursue a career in structural engineering. There was one job offer from an international company I was particularly interested in. I went for an interview…and they rejected me because I was overqualified.

As the saying goes: everything happens for a reason. The next day I started preparing for the Telerik Academy entrance exams. I remember vividly how I felt after the exam. Eagerly awaiting the results, hoping that they would accept me… It was one sunny afternoon that I received the much-anticipated email saying…. You are now part of Telerik Academy.”

Telerik Academy’s difference
“Studying in the Academy felt great. I have graduated from two national universities and everything I hated about my education was not an issue at Telerik Academy.

What did I gain here? Solid practical knowledge, which served as a strong base for my future job as a developer.

Moreover, I had an awesome time - meeting a bunch of new friends. Friends I still spend time with and make vacation plans with. Telerik Academy’s environment was overly competitive and stimulating, pushing us to move forward every day. Overall, it was a period full of new friendships, lessons learned, new challenges, and many unforgettable memories.”

Everything falls into place
“Right after graduation, I had no problem whatsoever in finding a job as a software developer.

But there’s more.

In the following five years, I did a tremendous leap in my career. Currently, I’m working for top enterprise clients on highly demanding projects. Plus, I met a bunch of great new friends at Telerik Academy. But perhaps the best thing that has happened to me is that I became a father of an incredible little girl and I can provide her with various opportunities. 

All these things happened because I decided to join the Telerik Academy. If it was not the Academy, I would not do the huge career jump I did.

Hope my story inspires you to follow your dreams. Because they can come true.”

Inspired by Dimitar’s success story? Fulfill your own dreams by joining the next Telerik Academy Alpha program.


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