Elevating Expertise: Pavlin and Tsvetiana's Journey into Digital Marketing Mastery

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Elevating Expertise: Pavlin and Tsvetiana's Journey into Digital Marketing Mastery

In an age dominated by technology and connectivity, digital marketing has emerged as a pivotal force driving business success. This shift is reshaping traditional marketing and PR roles, demanding specialists' active engagement with evolving trends.

Today we are meeting Pavlin and Tsvetiana – communication specialists who opted to expand their horizons and enhance their expertise in digital marketing by attending the Upskill Digital Marketing Training of Telerik Academy. Was this decision imperative, and in what ways has it influenced the trajectory of their respective roles? Learn more in the interview below. 

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Please, briefly present yourselves.

Paviln: I'm Pavlin Daskalov,  currentlyMarketing Manager at ChairPro— an industry leader in ergonomic furniture within the Bulgarian market.

Tsvetiana: My name is Tsvetiana Zaharieva and I’m part of the International PR team at the tech company Progress. Before joining Progress, I was an account manager at a communications agency, where I worked primarily with clients in the tech industry. 

Which do you think are the most important digital marketing skills required for your profession?

Pavlin: I can't say which are the most important skills because it depends on what area of digital marketing you are dealing with - for some it could be content creation, for others SEO or paid advertising. Personally, since our marketing team is not that big, I find it essential to have expertise in almost every field of digital marketing: market research, customer journey mapping, marketing funnels, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, performance marketing, social media marketing, and analytics.

Tsvetiana: Critical thinking, data analysis and processing, creativity and curiosity – these skills are fundamental to success in any field of marketing. Everything else can be learned and improved with practice.
As a PR specialist, I need to know the specifics of the target groups and the different communication channels well in order to prepare relevant content and position it in an effective way.


What prompted the need to upgrade your skills and why did you choose the Upskill Digital Marketing program at Telerik Academy?

Pavlin: The impetus to enhance my skills stemmed from a job offer for a higher-position role. I got a job offer for a higher position role. Up until then, I was working as a PR & Campaign Manager. The offer made me realise that I either lacked the requested skills for the new position or had only fundamental knowledge. Prior to selecting Telerik's course, I conducted thorough research. In addition to encountering positive online reviews, a friend recommended the course by assuring me that it was worth it— an endorsement that I can certainly confirm.
Tsvetiana: I signed up for the program because you can't do marketing and communications these days without including digital channels in the mix. Inspired by this perspective, I recognized that my expertise was predominantly specialized in one area. My aspiration is to evolve into a "T-shaped marketer," which required me to enrich my skill set.
While filling out the application, I recalled advice from a colleague who emphasized that as a leader of a marketing team, I don't necessarily have to be an expert in every aspect. However, it's crucial to possess the ability to interpret and analyze the data I'll receive and understand the intricacies behind the acronyms in digital marketing.
Why exactly Telerik Academy? Because of the teaching approach, the great lecturers, the institution's values and the numerous positive comments from my loved ones who have been part of the program over the years.

What did you like most about your studies at the Academy?

Pavlin: Every topic covered in the course holds significant value, making it challenging to single out just one. Personally, I've always struggled with creating written content, but the course lectures proved immensely beneficial in refining this skill. Another invaluable aspect for me was the SEO optimization segment, expertly led by our trainer, Chris. SEO was one of the areas where my knowledge was extremely basic, yet the material was presented to us clearly and comprehensively and thanks to this, my skills in this area improved.
Another noteworthy area was Performance Marketing, specifically paid ads. The trainers specializing in this domain are true experts, and I found myself applying some of the acquired knowledge even before the course concluded. 
What sets Telerik's course apart from similar ones is its hands-on approach, integrated seamlessly into lectures, homework, and team assignments. This approach allows us to immediately implement what we've learned, facilitating real-time consolidation of knowledge. 

Tsvetiana: What I liked most was that the lectures were practically oriented with examples from different industries. The topics in the program were arranged in such a way that each one built on the previous one This made the training for someone like me, whose digital marketing experience was limited to creating organic content for social media, smooth and understandable.
I can't help but mention the exceptional trainers in the program, notably our lead trainer, Chris Velev—energetic, knowledgeable, and always ready to share insights and address our queries. All of them are genuinely investing in helping us enhance our skills, driven by the belief that the industry benefits when new professionals receive the right training and adopt the correct attitude for the job.

How has your work/professional development changed since the end of the training?

Pavlin:  Well, I'm still in the same job, indicating I've demonstrated the required skills. Jokes aside, I can confidently affirm that my job got easier. The acquired skills empower me to explore diverse facets of Digital Marketing without concerns about lacking essential knowledge. Our company's performance has also seen remarkable enhancements. For instance, this year, we achieved impressive results— September witnessed a remarkable 116% increase in revenue compared to the same month the previous year, thanks to a campaign I solely crafted. Another noteworthy accomplishment is a B2B Lead generation campaign, also crafted by me, boasting an impressive 882 ROAS in its third month.

Tsvetiana: The program helped me gain a holistic view of how all the pieces of the marketing puzzle interact. Now, I have a much clearer grasp of the work done by colleagues in neighboring teams, and I already have specific ideas on how I can assist them—whether it's incorporating a link in a press release or optimizing content with targeted keywords.

What would you advise people who are at a crossroads in their career and are considering whether and how to develop professionally?

Pavlin: Let's be honest, Digital Marketing isn't everyone's cup of tea. It's a dynamic field, continually evolving (just look at the impact of AI), requiring marketers to consistently adapt and enhance their skills. Whether you're new to the field, seeking new skills, or upgrading your existing ones, Telerik's course is the ideal destination. Here, you gain expertise directly from proven specialists, ensuring you stay ahead in this ever-changing landscape.

Tsvetiana: When standing at a crossroads, it's crucial to open one's mind to new knowledge, skills, and challenges. Exploring different activities in detail is essential to discovering personal preferences. This exploration can take various forms, such as reading online materials, attending themed events, engaging with specialists in the relevant field, or enrolling in a course like the one on digital marketing at Telerik Academy- there are numerous options. However, commitment and effort are essential. Such a decision will determine your daily life for a longer period of time, and no one wants to be in a situation where they are not satisfied with their work.

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