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Coventry University graduate chose Telerik Academy to switch careers


Valentin Achev - Tick42

Valentin graduated from Coventry University with a degree in Sports Therapy, eager to make a positive impact. After starting his practice, he realized, however, this was not his true calling. So, Valentin decided to make a total career change, which brought him to Telerik Academy. He successfully completed the Alpha JavaScript program and shortly after that kickstarted his IT career at Tick42.

Mastering the hard and soft skills IT companies seek
“Telerik Academy equipped me with strong knowledge and understanding of the foundational programming principles and JavaScript. The program taught me how to approach problems and find the best solutions using leading practices. I also learnt how to behave and effectively communicate in a workplace, which I find very valuable.”

Valentin strongly values the individual teaching approach he received from the trainers in the program. At Telerik Academy, he was exposed to a unique environment, designed to mirror the real work setting and enable students to acquire both the soft and technical skills needed to succeed in the IT industry.

“Telerik Academy does a great job of introducing you to leading companies in the industry. Completing the program is challenging and requires time and a lot of effort, but in the end, it is the best way to build your knowledge, confidence and skillset to jumpstart your IT career.”

From sports therapy to software engineering
Valentin had a long way to go in order to transition from a sports therapist to a ninja junior developer. With Telerik Academy Alpha he managed to do this seamlessly within just 6 months and also meet his future employer – Tick42.

“Following a presentation from Tick42, I knew I wanted to be a part of the company and strived to achieve that goal. After graduating from Telerik Academy it took me less than a week to get my dream job. Now, almost a year later, I am happy with the choice I made.”

What attracted Valentin to the company was its strong team of seasoned experts and flat organizational structure.

“Tick42’s management is transparent, its goals and direction are openly shared and discussed within the team. Employees are also greatly valued, they have autonomy and their voice is heard. This coupled with the cool, intelligent and ambitious colleagues I have, makes for a great work environment.”

A job that excites and inspires
As a software developer, Valentin must always deliver quality code, following Tick42’s high standards. In order to do this, he must provide different approaches and solutions to the clients, be able to describe their advantages and disadvantages and ensure all requirements are met and implemented correctly.

What excites me the most is working with a team of highly capable and enthusiastic colleagues, who challenge me to always think of a better solution, introduce me to new and interesting things and allow me to make my own decisions.”

Advice to the new students 
“Spend as much time and effort as you can while studying at Telerik Academy Alpha. Do it with pleasure and have fun!"


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