Coronavirus: The measures we took

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Coronavirus: The measures we took


We continue to provide stellar training while keeping our community safe

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is the most serious global health threat in decades. So much has changed over the past several weeks and especially in the last few days. Constantly monitoring the situation, we knew we must act fast and we did so, preceding the declared state of emergency in Bulgaria. Thus, on March 10 we transitioned all our trainings from an onsite to a 100% online format at the first signs of what was to come. We made sure that our online education is just as effective as the onsite format by transforming and adapting our approach.

We did it because our number one priority is the health and wellbeing of our students, partners, applicants, colleagues, and the greater community. We also believe that the uncompromising quality of our education is what defines us. It is our core mission to train tomorrow’s digital builders – kids, university students, young professionals and career switchers.  

Moreover, in the interest of safeguarding the health and wellness of our students, we decided to transition all of our career jumpstart and upskill trainings, entrance exams, and events to an online format. 

Here are the measures that we took.

If you are currently part of our Telerik Academy Alpha and Upskill programs 

Since March 10, all classes have transitioned to an online form of education. We continue to operate with the highest professionalism and quality. Our top priority is to ensure a positive and fulfilling learning experience for all our students, and we made sure that our personalized training and mentorship remain the same - just аs in an onsite format. 

During this period: 

  • Our students have access to comprehensive online materials for each lecture, prepared by our trainers. 

  • We keep the communication open at all-time. 

  • Teamwork is an integral part of our learning process. We encourage the students to keep communication between them active through specialized online platforms. 

  • As part of our measures, we transitioned all partners’ activities online as well.

For our new applicants 

Since March, three Telerik Academy Alpha and one Upskill cohort have successfully started and finished their education online. Currently, students from four Alpha and two Upskill cohorts are developing new skills under the mentorship of their trainers in an online environment. Also, we continue forward with all open admissions or upcoming programs. If you have already applied or you are in the process, you must know that:  

  • We are not making any changes in our open admissions in terms of timeline. 

  • All entrance exams, career events, and our free programming fundamentals courses are happening online. We are prepared to transition back to onsite format when we can be absolutely sure the situation does not pose danger to the health of our students, teachers, partners.

  • Our team is hard at work to secure our admissions run smoothly and seamlessly just as our trainings do, mitigating any possible disruptions caused by the external situation. 

These efforts will continue for the foreseeable future until further notice. We understand these are challenging times. We want you and your families to be healthy and safe. Thank you for your patience and your resilience! 

Turn this moment into a good opportunity 

Every one at Telerik Academy hopes that the coronavirus outbreak will soon be over.  

Until then, you can use the time at home to make the most of this situation. Utilize the time that you’re not stuck in traffic, for example, to learn a new skill that will help you kickstart a new career or enhance your skillset.  

You can take advantage of our free programming fundamentals courses that are available online. Check if programming is for you and finally make this long overdue step towards your dream career in IT.   

Start the change now. Apply to Telerik Academy Alpha.

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