Breaking Boundaries: Yoana's Transition from Project Manager to Coding Pro with Telerik Academy

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Breaking Boundaries: Yoana's Transition from Project Manager to Coding Pro with Telerik Academy

“I wanted to be on the other side of IT Project Management.” With this goal in mind, Yoana Raychinova made one of the most important decisions in her professional life - she decided to become a developer with the help of Telerik Academy Alpha.

Six months later, she graduated from Alpha JavaScript, and it took her less than two weeks to secure a position as a Junior Software Engineer with HedgeServ, gold partners. After attending HedgeServ’s presentation to her cohort, Yoana decided that HedgeServ was the company she would like to work with.

This was in 2019.

Now, almost four years later, we talked to Yoana, who has risen to the position of Senior Software Engineer at HedgeServ. Join us as we delve into her professional growth and self-discovery journey - trust us, you’ll learn a lot.

photo of yoana, a software engineer at the telerik academy partners hedgeserv

Yoana, it’s great having you! Let’s start from the beginning - how did you decide to apply to Telerik Academy Alpha?

My name is Yoana Raychinova, and I'm thrilled to share my journey with you. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (HONS) in International Finance from the University of Portsmouth's branch in Sofia, Bulgaria. My decision to pursue a career as a software developer stemmed from realizing that I wanted to be on the other side of IT Project Management - I wanted to stop "managing" bugs and start "debugging" them firsthand. Programming has been my passion since my high school days when I studied informatics. 

The desire to delve deeper into programming and explore the technical aspects of software development ultimately led me to switch careers and pursue my passion for coding. Telerik Academy provided me the ideal platform to sharpen my programming skills and embark on this exciting new journey as a software engineer.

How did Telerik Academy help you jumpstart your IT career at HedgeServ?

Telerik Academy played a pivotal role in helping me pursue my passion for programming. With the support of the Academy’s comprehensive curriculum, I gained valuable skills and knowledge necessary for a career in software development. Moreover, I was able to balance my parental responsibilities, ensuring that I could continue nurturing my family while pursuing my passion for software development. Through the Academy’s partnerships with employers in the market, I was able to obtain a role with HedgeServ.

How did your life change after graduating from Telerik Academy? Was it a good investment and how did it pay off?

Graduating from Telerik Academy was truly transformative. It opened doors to new opportunities and accelerated my career growth. The academy's rigorous training empowered me to secure a position as a Junior Software Engineer with the company I had chosen in advance. With continuous learning and dedication, I became a Senior Software Engineer. This career shift provided financial stability and brought a sense of fulfillment and purpose to my professional life.

Please tell us more about your current job at HedgeServ. What are your key responsibilities and what excites you most about your work? 

As a Senior Software Engineer at HedgeServ, my role encompasses various responsibilities within the software development lifecycle. I am involved in designing and implementing software solutions, collaborating with cross-functional teams to understand project requirements, and ensuring high-quality code through testing and debugging. I am also responsible for interviewing new candidates and mentoring and training new software engineers on my team.

Additionally, the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the financial services industry provides a stimulating environment for me to work in. There are opportunities to work on projects that directly impact the company's bottom line, which is rewarding and fulfilling.

Overall, my job as a Senior Software Engineer at HedgeServ offers a challenging and rewarding environment where I can apply my expertise to solve complex problems and make meaningful contributions to the company's success.

photo of part of the hedgeserv, a telerik academy partner, team in their office

What makes HedgeServ stand out from other companies as an employer? 

HedgeServ is an exceptional employer known for its industry leadership and positive work culture. They provide a dynamic environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and diversity. In addition to HedgeServ's outstanding reputation as an employer, I am fortunate to be part of an exceptional team. 

The work environment within my team is stress-free, fostering a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. We prioritize teamwork and camaraderie, organizing regular team-building events to strengthen our bonds. A unique aspect of our work culture is the emphasis on pair coding, where we collaborate closely with colleagues, sharing knowledge and expertise. This collaborative approach enhances our problem-solving abilities and promotes continuous learning and growth within the team. Overall, the team dynamics at HedgeServ contribute to a supportive and enjoyable work environment.

What are the most valuable skills and knowledge gained at Telerik Academy that you continue to use to date at your work?

Telerik Academy equipped me with a strong foundation in software development. I gained expertise in key areas such as object-oriented programming, back-end architecture, and front-end development. These skills continue to be invaluable in my role as a Senior Software Engineer. Additionally, the academy fostered a collaborative and problem-solving mindset, allowing me to approach complex projects with confidence and creativity today.

What advice would you give to our new Telerik Academy students?

To aspiring students joining Telerik Academy, I offer the following advice: Stay committed to the program and embrace the learning journey. Utilize the resources and support provided by the academy and your fellow students, as they are crucial for success. Practice regularly to reinforce your skills and build a solid portfolio of work. Be open to learning new technologies and stay updated with industry trends.

Do you want to change your life and start your journey in the IT industry? The fastest path to becoming an in-demand software developer is waiting for you. Apply for Telerik Academy Alpha JavaScript!

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