Our goal is to attract top talent and invest in our employees to expand our Sofia office

Success Stories Our goal is to expand our Sofia office by attracting top talent and investing in our employees


“We strive to hire exceptional engineers regardless of their seniority. We value the passion of our employees to innovate and give them the power to change.”

This is something that Tihomir Petrov, Director Information Technology Services at, member of our ever-growing partner network, shared with us during our conversation. And his words resonated strongly with us because of our belief that investing time and resources in motivated people always leads to something great.

Tihomir has years of industry experience in the IT sector and is responsible for the growth of the European operations of With his help, we learned more about the company - he gave us “an inside look” and shared what comes next.

And it’s exciting!, Thimor Petrov

Meet – mission and goals is a globally recognized full-service digital agency, providing best-in-class web design, development, hosting, post-launch support and digital marketing services. employs 600+ professionals in offices worldwide, including Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Washington DC, Sofia, Zurich, London, and Dubai.

“The company was established more than 30 years ago, and since then, we have shipped thousands of successful web solutions. Among our customers are many of the Fortune 500 companies, governments, and non-profit organizations such as Beretta, World Health Organization, and Sanford Health,” shared Tihomir Petrov. stepped in Bulgaria in 2019 with a clear goal: “to open an EU office in a place with a well-developed IT ecosystem and thanks to it to grow our business in the EMEA region,” as Tihomir Petrov explained.

And they managed to achieve it

“Today, our Bulgarian office consists of 50 talented staff members and is growing at a steady rate. We are more than glad that we have picked Sofia, Bulgaria.”

Establishing an office here opened new opportunities for passionate IT professionals as well. And with the company’s ambition for future expansion, the number of employees will continue to grow.

“Our goal is to keep expanding our Sofia office by attracting top talent, thus, further growing our Engineering, Project Management, and Marketing teams in EMEA.”

Investing in junior talents

“We strive to hire exceptional engineers regardless of their seniority. We value the passion of our employees to innovate and give them the power to change. The wonderful thing about Telerik Academy is that it provides constant access to junior talent with excellent technical skills. Being among the pioneers in the practical tech education field in the CEE Region, Telerik Academy is our preferred partner of choice,“ explained Tihomir Petrov.

For the future

“We are focused on further developing our expertise in the technologies of tomorrow in the field of enterprise web development. We are going to do that by proceeding with the investment in each of our employees. Besides that, we are looking forward to expanding our team with bright people who want to work on complex enterprise-grade solutions.”

Are you looking to jumpstart your career in IT? Find out more about our Telerik Academy Alpha programs. Are you a company seeking Master Junior talent? Then go through our business page or contact us directly.


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