Alpha JavaScript: A CEO's journey to coding

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Alpha JavaScript: A CEO's journey to coding

We truly mean it when we say that the students in our Alpha programs come from diverse backgrounds. Among them are marketers, sailors, dentists, and even former CEOs such as Miroslav Dimitrov.

Miro has extensive experience, having served as the CEO of an international IT company before starting Alpha JavaScript – a holistic 6-month training program that equips you with all the right tools to start a job as a junior developer after graduation. Read below how his journey started and where it took him.

And don’t forget to apply for the next edition of Alpha JavaScript and start risk-free from the free fundamentals course. The course is great for beginners with zero coding skills. It gives you the foundation you need to advance to Alpha and by the time it ends, you’ll have a clear idea if coding is the right fit for you.

Miroslav Dimitrov_JavaScript_1200x628

Hi Miro, we're happy to have you here. Can you tell us more about why you enrolled in Telerik Academy Alpha JavaScript?

I decided to study at Telerik Academy to deepen my technical knowledge and gain a broader expertise in the IT industry. I also knew from friends who graduated from the Academy that it was the right choice if I wanted to achieve my goals.

How did your journey begin?

I didn't have any coding experience before enrolling in the free fundamentals course before the Alpha JavaScript program. At first, I faced many challenging moments and even questioned whether coding was the right path for me. However, I realized that every beginning is tough. I remained determined and understood that if I challenged myself and persisted, the personal and professional rewards of learning to code would outweigh my doubts and worries.

What did you enjoy most in Alpha JavaScript?

In Alpha JavaScript, I particularly enjoyed collaborating on different projects with my colleagues from start to finish. The process gave me a sense of achievement and an opportunity to apply previously acquired skills.

What are some challenges that you faced?

After completing my studies at the Academy, the job searching process was challenging but I never gave up and continued to work on myself and improve my skills. At the time of this interview, I'm evaluating around six job offers to select the best one that suits me.

What's your most valuable takeaway from the Alpha JavaScript training?

My most valuable takeaways from the Alpha are undoubtedly the connections I made with my peers, the help from the trainers, and being part of the whole community surrounding the Academy. Of course, let’s not forget the skills I acquired.

Do you have any advice for those still hesitant to apply?

Just go for it! If you're reading this, you're already interested. Telerik Academy provides the opportunity to try it out and see if this is the path for you with their free fundamentals course. Be courageous and dive in and you won't regret it!

We couldn’t agree with Miro more! Don’t miss your chance to start your coding journey from the ground up! Apply for Alpha JavaScript and enroll in the free fundamentals course.

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