2 years later: Alpha Graduates' Professional Path at DHL Freight ESS

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2 years later: Alpha Graduates' Professional Path at DHL Freight ESS

The IT industry is transforming for the better, becoming more stable and quality driven. That’s good news for anyone willing to put in the work to become a developer.

“The landscape is ever evolving, and your dream job is just around the corner. So, stay positive, stay focused on the moment now, don’t compare with others, and keep striving for excellence. Your perseverance will pay off." - shared Borislava Georgieva, HR Manager at DHL Freight ESS.

Тhe success of our alumni is the strongest proof of that. Today, more than 2000 Telerik Academy Alpha graduates are part of the IT sector. Almost all of them are career changers (80%+) who began their journey as junior developers. The combination of their hard work and our training approach that has always prioritized quality over quantity helped many of them grow in their careers.

That’s been the case with our graduates at DHL Freight ESS. To learn more about their performance, career growth and contribution to the company, we met with Borislava Georgieva. With a career spanning 17 years in the IT industry, she is a founder of the HR#IT community and a career consultant. Currently, Borislava is serving as the HR Manager at DHL Freight ESS.

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Hi Borislava, nice to have you. Can you please tell us a bit more about DHL Group and your tech teams?

DHL Freight Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS) is a key component of DHL Freight, a global powerhouse employing over 13,000 people worldwide. We have been instrumental in driving the largest digital transformation within DHL Freight, revolutionizing the day-to-day operations of thousands of employees across Europe. The genesis of our EVO project, a unified transport management system, came from the necessity to propel our organization into the digital future while staying true to our core principle of connecting people and improving lives. EVO streamlines critical functions from order entry to invoicing within a single application, optimizing our logistics processes.

Our team has grown steadily, fostering strong working relationships amongst team members, and we take pride in our supportive work environment. Our team has consistently delivered and exceeded expectations. Our office reflects our corporate values of caring for our DHL family, putting people first, and promoting continuous learning. Our R&D division comprises cross-functional Java teams, DevOps and Support, QA, and a Project Management team, all working collaboratively using the Scrum methodology to continue the development of EVO.

When did you begin hiring Telerik Academy junior talent, and how many are on your team currently?

Around 2 years ago. Our team has reaped the benefits of investing in junior talents from the Аcademy. We currently have four graduates who, within two years, have evolved into full-fledged Java and JavaScript developers.

Could you share your observations on their performance?

Our graduates from Telerik Academy have been performing exceptionally well. Even though they started as juniors, they quickly rose to the level of mid-developers due to their strong technical skills and commitment. Notably, they have been consistently meeting and often even exceeding their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This shows their dedication and the effectiveness of the training they received at the academy. Their strong performance has positively impacted our team's productivity and overall project outcomes. It's a pleasure to observe their growth and contributions to our organization.

What specific skills or qualities distinguish Telerik Academy graduates from other candidates?

The graduates from the Telerik Alpha courses are technically proficient, scoring exceptionally well on our technical tests. Their outstanding soft skills, including communication, emotional intelligence, openness, eagerness to learn, and proactive attitude, set them apart.

How does the training provided by Telerik Academy align with the current industry demands and trends?

Telerik Academy prepares talents who seamlessly integrate into the companies. Their career orientation, CV refinement, soft skills training, and solid technical foundation offer a successful start in the IT industry.

Could you share any standout achievements of Telerik Academy graduates within DHL?

The graduates from Telerik Academy have indeed made remarkable contributions to DHL. Despite the inherent complexities of our project and the typically extended onboarding period, these graduates have demonstrated an exceptional ability to adapt quickly. They've not only managed to onboard faster than expected but have also significantly increased the development capacity of our team. Their quick assimilation and the positive impact they've had on our team's productivity stand as testaments to the high-quality training they received at Telerik Academy. Their achievements have confirmed the value of investing in junior talent, and we look forward to seeing their further contributions to our ongoing projects at DHL.

From an HR perspective, what advice would you give to recent Telerik Academy graduates?

Firstly, allow me to extend my heartfelt congratulations on your remarkable achievement! Graduating from the best IT Academy in Bulgaria is no small feat, and you should be extremely proud of your accomplishment. Bravo! Now, while it might seem like the job market has frozen at the moment, remember that this is only temporary.

In the meantime, you can consider kickstarting your career in technical support for Java applications or roles that leverage your SQL skills or other technologies you've mastered. Consider freelancing or initiating your own projects. It's an excellent way to continue honing your skills while adding more projects to your GitHub portfolio.

Above all, keep learning! The landscape is ever evolving, and your dream job is just around the corner. So, stay positive, stay focused on now moment, don’t compare with others, and keep striving for excellence. Your perseverance will pay off.

What are your perspectives on the role of AI in your industry?

Soon, artificial intelligence (AI) will permeate all industries, becoming as common as the internet is today. This inevitable wave of automation and AI is not a threat but an opportunity, signifying a transformation in the workforce profile. While AI is poised to automate routine tasks, professions requiring human interaction are irreplaceable.

Everyone must enhance their understanding of AI and leverage its potential to boost productivity. I encourage students seeking university degrees to consider AI-related studies. AI can eliminate mundane tasks, thereby providing us with more room for creativity and imaginative thinking. The rapid pace of technological advancements necessitates frequent changes in skill sets. However, maintaining an open mindset, demonstrating empathy, showing appreciation, and honing the ability to focus are fundamental attributes that will enable us to acquire other essential skills in this ever-evolving world.

Could you share insights into your company's approach to continuous learning and professional development for employees, including Telerik Academy graduates?

Certainly, at DHL Group, we deeply value continuous learning and professional development. We believe that the growth of our employees is integral to the growth of our company. To facilitate this, we provide our employees with access to various e-learning platforms, ensuring they have the resources to keep abreast of the latest industry trends and developments. We also sponsor conference tickets, allowing our team members to gain insights from thought leaders and industry experts. In terms of coursework, we offer coverage for relevant courses that our employees wish to pursue, fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

Moreover, we have several internal certification programs designed to help our employees advance their skills and careers within our organization. Finally, we encourage knowledge sharing through various internal initiatives and platforms. This not only promotes a collaborative culture but also ensures that the wealth of knowledge within our organization is well-distributed and utilized. In essence, we are committed to creating an environment where continuous learning thrives, equipping our employees with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles and contribute to the overall success of DHL Group.

Imagine working for a company like that where you can have a rewarding career and growth opportunities. It’s possible with Telerik Academy’s Alpha programs that turn complete beginners into junior developers in 6 months. Our students work in small groups on real-world projects and put their newly acquired skills into practice right away. They also refine their soft skills and get professional career guidance to help them not only land a job, but also excel in it.

See our open Alpha programs, pick your programming language, and apply sooner rather than later. Opportunities will always be present for anyone motivated enough to succeed and grow. The question is: are you?

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