Telerik Academy named "Best Company of 2020" by Forbes Business Awards


We’re thrilled to share that Telerik Academy has been named “Best Company of 2020” by the Forbes Business Awards.

Great recognition for Telerik Academy

The award ceremony, which took place on January 28 at Sofia Event Center, brought together 400 people, eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winners. More than 70 companies from a wide range of industries such as IT, finance, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, education, and services participated in the esteemed competition.

Telerik Academy won the grand prize among all categories and competing against 70+ companies across different industries – “Best Company of 2020”. It was officially handed over by Ognyan Donev, Chairman and Managing Director of Sopharma and a member of the judge’s panel at the Forbes Business Awards.

Telerik Academy - Best Company of 2020

 “I am happy that an education organization has received the “Best Company of the Year” award. Talent is Bulgaria’s greatest resource. Therefore we’re focused on training the digital builders of tomorrow. Thank you for the recognition - it raises the bar even higher for us. We don’t take it for granted. Just the opposite, it motivates us to go farther and become even better,” said Telerik Academy’s CEO Alexandra Mechkova, who accepted the award.

The Academy took home yet another prize – “Best Company of 2020 in the Education Category”.

“When Telerik Academy became an independent organization 3 years ago, we were faced with too many unknowns. But there was one thing we were absolutely sure of – our mission to continue empowering people and businesses in Bulgaria. I’d like to thank our 80+ partners, who invest in talent development, and our students, who choose the Academy as a steppingstone to a successful IT career. Last but not least, a huge thank you to our dedicated team for giving its best every day,” added Alexandra Mechkova.

Telerik Academy - Forbes Business Awards 2020

Accelerated growth

Back in 2009, Telerik’s co-founders created Telerik Academy to prepare IT talent for their company’s needs. Soon, the Academy started grooming talent for the entire industry and training kids of all ages. In 2017, seeing the powerful impact on the ecosystem, the founders spun off Telerik Academy into an independent organization and a partner to all IT companies.

In just 3 years, we grew from a startup to a company with a successful business model, whose average annual growth amounts to 120%. In this period, we have created a large partner network of 80+ leading tech companies, expanded our team fourfold, and moved into a building of our own. We have also realized 20+ programs and trained about 1,000 specialists, whereas expanding greatly Telerik Academy School’s training centers around the country.

Telerik Academy Team

A great start of 2020

The new year (and decade) has started off right - by winning two Forbes Awards – “Best Education Company of 2020” and the grand prize “Best Company of 2020”.

And it’s just the beginning. We will keep evolving, excelling, and raising the bar in tech education. This goes all to you – our community of alumni, partners, and friends who continuously inspire us to do better every day.


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