Seamless career switch: From marketing to UX/UI design in 3 months


Hristo Andreev - Telerik Academy UX/UI Alumni

“OK, that’s it. It’s just what I need to make my dreams come true,” Hristo thought to himself while attending Telerik Academy’s UX/UI career event last year.

And he did turn his dreams into a reality. Hristo has seamlessly switched careers – going from a marketing professional to a product designer at VMware shortly after graduating from Telerik Academy’s UX/UI Design course.

Strong foundation for a flying career start

“The reason I joined Telerik Academy was simple. There is no other place in Bulgaria, where you can find so much information and knowledge about the UX/UI field, presented in such a hands-on and structured way,” shares Hristo.

He adds that the Academy has laid a solid foundation for his new career path.

“I can rely on what I’ve learned in my daily practice. It helps me understand complex processes and concepts in a big enterprise company such as VMware, where I currently work.”

As a marketing specialist, Hristo has been involved in the visual design part, which helped him better convey the marketing messages. Whereas he used to collaborate with designers daily, he never had the chance to go through the whole design process independently.

“I had no experience with the full design cycle – each step that the designer should take in order to create a user-friendly and beautiful design. This has changed after graduating from Telerik Academy’s UX/UI program!”

Essential knowledge and skills

According to Hristo, the most valuable part of the training was the possibility to work in a team.

“Design work requires constant collaboration with your teammates and/or various stakeholders, as well as the Marketing, Sales, and Technical departments,” comments Hristo, adding that discussing and evaluating one’s design decisions is the key to job success and satisfaction.

Furthermore, Hristo stresses the importance of learning the end-to-end design process – from understanding the goal of the project through user stories and requirements to creating low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity interactive prototypes.

“I think that if you know the process you will be able to cope with any task or project, regardless of its complexity”, says Hristo.

In his opinion, the process is a way of thinking and by learning how to think, you acquire the ability to assess any new problem or challenge in a fast and efficient way.

Last but not least, the course helped him tremendously improve his visual design skills. Hristo went from zero to hero in just a few months – from using drag and drop wireframes software to creating a pixel-perfect UI interactive prototypes in no more than a couple of hours.

Putting skills into practice

“My biggest achievement so far was landing a job at one of the most interesting enterprise companies in the world as a product designer,” remarks Hristo.

He is excited to embark on that journey and hopes that he can use everything learned at Telerik Academy to help VMware to continue creating awesome products.

Would you recommend the UX/UI Design program?

“If you want to obtain indispensable UX/UI skills or to level up your game, Telerik Academy is the place to go. It’s an intensive 3 months-long boot camp, where you’ll learn the end-to-end UX/UI design process, get great additional resources on UX/UI, and meet leading speakers from top Bulgarian companies.

Finally, you’ll be able to present your work almost every week and collaborate on your design projects with other talented designers. Telerik Academy is the best place to upskill your UX/UI experience and knowledge. Don’t miss it.

Want to supercharge your career? Join Telerik Academy Upskill UX/UI Design and become a well-rounded professional. Admission ends on Feb 3.


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