Kickstarting a successful IT career right after graduation


Telerik Academy Alumni - Kalin Parushev

For 10 years now, we’ve been helping people to jumpstart promising careers in IT and change their lives. We called on our alumni to share their stories and how Telerik Academy impacted them.

This time we spoke to Kiril Parushev, who believes that joining Telerik Academy was one of the best decisions he has ever made. Just a few days after graduating from the Academy, he jumpstarted his career as a JavaScript Developer at Tick42 – a leading provider of financial technology solutions and a Telerik Academy partner.

Invaluable skills
Kiril eagerly shares the Academy helped him gain extensive tech knowledge and hands-on experience. Also, he emphasizes on the importance of building powerful relationships with Telerik Academy’s partnering companies. Last but not least, Kiril highly appreciates the interview preparation trainings, which were included in the program.

“Making a stellar first impression at a job interview is crucial. If you fail to present your best possible version, it wouldn’t even matter how good your technical skills are. The Academy trained us for real-life interviews. That helped me remain calm and confident throughout the process.”

Instant results
Kiril landed his dream IT job just a few days after graduating from Telerik Academy. Joining Tick42 transformed his entire life.

“I can confidently say that Telerik Academy has been one of my best investments so far. Not only have I succeeded in changing careers, but I have also created some of my fondest memories there.”

Opportunities for professional development
Kiril is currently a JavaScript developer, working with VanillaJS and Angular.

“Together with two of my colleagues, we developed an Angular module for the Glue42 Desktop JS library. I also had the chance to create a developer tool for our main product – the Glue42 Desktop, which helps developers test and determine how different desktop applications communicate with each other.”

Additionally, Kiril dedicates time to advance his knowledge of React since it’s on its way to becoming a must-have tool for JavaScript developers.

Freedom to explore
According to Kiril, Tick42 stands out as an employer because it gives its employees the freedom to explore new career paths.

“I graduated the Java track at the Academy. My interviews were Java oriented and I was initially recruited to work as a Java developer. But upon request, I was able to switch fields and become a JavaScript developer. I was given the necessary support and time to go through the basics and gain knowledge from the more experienced developers at the company.”

Advice to the future Telerik Academy students
“Make the most of your time at Telerik Academy. Learning new things is tough but also fun. Benefit from the program and enjoy the moment. It’s a priceless opportunity for your career and personal development.”

Kiril adds that everyone might feel underwhelmed sometimes but that is a natural part of the learning process.

“If you think you can’t comprehend a concept, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You’re not stupid, you just need more practice. If you’re devoted to reaching your goal, you’ll surely get there.”

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