Fresh career start with zero experience

Svetoslav and Anton from Experian, Telerik Academy Alpha

How to become a developer with zero experience in less than a year? Telerik Academy helped Anton and Svetoslav do just that. Both landed their dream jobs at Experian. Let’s dive right into their inspiring stories. 

From zero to hero 

“I had zero experience in the IT industry and less than a year to spare. Telerik Academy was the only teaching organization that could help me jumpstart a promising career in such a short time– from zero to a developer in less than 12 months,” says Anton. He has graduated Telecommunications at the Technical University of Sofia but was determined to pursue a slightly different career path. Following his dreams, Anton managed to become an Intern Build (DevOps) Engineer at Experian Bulgaria. 

Meanwhile, Svetoslav has obtained a degree from Sofia’s University of National and World Economics and worked in the sales sector. But he was longing for a professional change and that’s how he joined Telerik Academy. 

“The Academy gave me the knowledge needed to kickstart a new career as a software developer. During the program, I acquired essential technical and soft skills, which helped me land my first job in IT.” 

A life-changing experience 

“Looking back in time, I’m grateful for making the choice to join the Academy. I’ve met many friends and attained priceless knowledge and skills. But most importantly, it helped me gain confidence in myself,” recalls Anton. 

Svetoslav agrees that the training at Telerik Academy equipped him with invaluable knowledge and self-confidence, which helped him succeed at his role at Experian. “While interviewing for the job, I realized how well prepared I am. Telerik Academy’s intensive training has definitely paid off.”  

Finding the dream workplace 

“Experian is an amazing company,” shares Anton. From the great office environment and the top location to the young and ambitious team, the employer has met all his expectations so far.  

“The company has a well-developed intern program that integrates junior hires. I decided to join Experian because it’s a global technology company, which offers abundant opportunities to further expand my skills in the desired direction.” 

Anton is currently responsible for the automatization processes – automatization testing, as well as deployment. “What I like most about my job is the impact it makes. I’m motivated to do what I do because it helps others save time and be more effective at their jobs.” 

Svetoslav’s role is focused mainly on working with the Angular framework. This allows him to use his current knowledge and build upon it. Speaking of what makes Experian stand out as an employer, he comments: “In Experian your opinion is valuable! You have a wide variety of training opportunities and the working environment is excellent too.”

Tips for people just starting out programming

“The key to success is to keep going. Make progress every day. If you think of it, an hour per day makes 365 hours a year. Use your time wisely and work hard to achieve your goals,” as both Anton and Svetoslav conclude, adding that new students should be proactive and dedicated to make the most of their participation at the Academy. 

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