Adopting a problem-solving attitude and kickstarting an IT career

Pavel Yankov alumni Telerik Academy

Pavel attended the Technical University in Sofia for two years. Following his interests, he dropped from university and joined the first Telerik Academy Alpha cohort. Shortly after completing the program, Pavel jumpstarted his IT career at Grafixoft.

Lessons learned
The time spent at Telerik Academy helped Pavel build some S.O.L.I.D fundamentals regarding good practices to follow when writing code. Furthermore, his studies introduced him to various popular technologies and how they could be used to solve specific software development problems.

A good investment
When asked how his life changed after graduating from Telerik Academy, Pavel replied without hesitation:

“Telerik Academy teaches graduates many valuable skills. But, most importantly, it changes your mindset. The time at the academy taught me how to stay calm in the face of unexpected challenges. You just need to take a step back, find a solution and work hard to implement it.”

An exciting career in IT
Currently working as a software developer at Grafixoft, Pavel is happy to be part of a team he can trust and that trusts him back.

“My first hurdle after joining my team here was to start learning front-end technologies and Angular - the framework our project uses in terms of the UI (User Interface). After just a couple of months, I was much more confident. A few more lines of code, books, articles and some small mistakes on the way and I reached the point, where I feel I can contribute to the team and at the same time rely on my colleagues for guidance.”

Some of his daily responsibilities include writing code, communicating with clients, planning for future tasks and helping estimate delivery time for these tasks.

“I really value the opportunity to help new team members. Recently, I was included in a group that helps interns by giving them tasks, guiding them with resources and advice about different problems.”

Advice to the new students
“Don’t try to rush things. Everything takes time: grasping complex concepts, finding a job, where you can grow professionally and as a person, fully fitting into the team and making a valuable contribution. You will go through all these things. And they will gradually fall into place.”

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