How to become a .NET or JavaScript developer in 6 months

Nov 01, 2018 | 7:00 pm
Telerik Academy

Landing your dream job in IT is 100% possible even when you have little to no programming experience. With nearly 10 years of experience in tech education and a strong track record of alumni successes, we know what skills businesses are looking for and how you can acquire them. And we want to share these insights with you!

If you are motivated to become a software developer in just 6 months and change your life, don’t miss out our “How to become a .NET or JavaScript developer in 6 months” event.

Join us on November 1 to discover what professional opportunities lay in front of well-rounded software developers, which are the most in-demand skills and how you can master them. You will:

  • Learn more about the career opportunities in the hottest industry in Bulgaria
  • Hear us demystify some of the greatest myths related to becoming a software developer
  • Find out how to jumpstart you career with Telerik Academy Alpha
  • Meet some of our recent graduates who will share their journeys – from joining Telerik Academy to kickstarting a career in the software industry.

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