Why learn C# in 2022? An expert’s answer

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Why learn C# in 2022? An expert’s answer


C# is one of the most popular programming languages in the world because it is both powerful and beginner-friendly. Developed by Microsoft and released in 2002, C# is a general-purpose programming language, which means that you can create all sorts of things with it (thus, it’s popularity) - desktop applications, web-based apps, games, mobile apps, AI apps, IoT – probably if you think of something, you can develop it with C#.  

C#’s popularity has only increased since its beginning, and the higher demand for C# professionals can help you jumpstart your IT career.  

To learn more about C# and what makes it a great choice for everyone who wants to start an IT career, we decided to talk to the expert - Kiril Stanoev - technical trainer at Telerik Academy Alpha C# - the fastest path to a successful career as a C# developer. 


Passionate about teaching and devoted to helping people thrive, Kiril joined Telerik Academy as a technical trainer after more than 10 years as a software engineer and product manager at Progress.  

Let's dive in the interview and do not forget - you can still apply to the Alpha C# program - the application deadline is January 4, at 11:59 pm.

Kiril, you have a long experience with C#. Why is this language a good choice for an IT career?   

C# is a great programming language for beginners. It is easy to learn and easy to use, but that does not mean the language is limited in functionality. On the contrary! 

C# is a powerful and flexible programming language used daily by a vast number of developers. The language is constantly evolving because of the strong community that has been using it for nearly 20 years, with new features constantly being added.  

Many developers prefer C# because it is also a cross-platform language. C# can be used effectively to build applications. One of them is Visual Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs, as well as websites, web apps, web services and mobile apps. 

To build games with Unity (one of the most popular game engines), you need to know C#. This engine is also used for VR and AR development. 

Exciting times to be a C# developer!  

Speaking of being a developer – do you see any change in the profession? What makes it such a great career choice for everyone?    

Today, more and more traditional industries rely on data and software programs! We can see the influence of computer science and ICT in everything around us - from science research to healthcare development, transportation, banking, communications, and more. Even household appliances such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and even our door locks have internet access now.  

Regardless of its form, the computer in all its variations is a powerful tool to make our lives easier and to help us find solutions to many of our pressing problems. To achieve this goal, however, we need to know how to manage computers successfully and efficiently, and the most direct way to do this is by learning programming skills. 

What is the most exciting part of teaching Alpha students? 

The most exciting thing is that with each new cohort I meet ambitious people with different backgrounds who have made the bold decision to improve their lives by changing their career path. And they can all do it within six months with Telerik Academy Alpha.


What makes a successful developer?

Success is not a sprint but rather a marathon filled with hard work, dedication and constant hunger for new knowledge and self-improvement. 

During the marathon, there must be challenging moments. What is your advice to students when they face hard times?  

The sooner you overcome the fear of asking questions, the less difficult moments you will face.

What is next for the students after the Alpha C# program?  

Those who go through the Alpha C# program gain a solid foundation in C# and its associated technologies and software development in general. This knowledge allows them to expand the range of companies they want to apply to and give them confidence in their ability to perform technical interviews better. We also dedicate 20% of the program to the development of the students’ soft skills, which help them stand out from the talent pool and perform better during an interview.


C# continues to be one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages. If you want to become a software developer, C# is easy to learn and there will always be jobs available that require this language.  

Are you ready to get started? Apply for Telerik Academy Alpha C# and start your IT career journey. 


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