Kickstart your career as a
UX/UI Designer

Jan 15, 2020 | 7:00 pm
Telerik Academy

Are you a graphic designer, an illustrator, a visual arts student or graduate, looking to join the IT industry and work in one of the most in-demand non-developer roles in the tech world? If so, don’t miss out on our career event.

Join us on January 15 to learn how to get your design skills to the next level and become a highly valued UX and UI designer. 

Event overview

During the event you will:

  • Learn what UX and UI Designers do and why they are in such demand
  • Hear industry experts share what knowledge and skills they seek in UX and UI Designers 
  • Learn more about Telerik Academy Upskill UX/UI Design
  • Meet our alumni who will share their journeys - from joining the Academy to landing their dream jobs in the IT industry

Language: Bulgarian

See you at Telerik Academy training hall at Campus X.  
30 Krastyo Rakovski Str., Sofia

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