How to become an in-demand .NET developer in 6 months

WEBINAR: Sep 2, 2020 | 6:30 pm
Telerik Academy


If you are eager to kickstart a career in the IT industry and want to become an in-demand full-stack developer, don’t miss out our “How to become an in-demand .NET developer in 6 months” career webinar.

Join us on Sep 2 to discover what skills and knowledge companies seek in junior .NET developers and how to master them. Find out what job opportunities lay in front of well-rounded software developers and get ready to jumpstart your IT career and change your life.


  • Be guided by seasoned experts through the various career opportunities you can pursue;
  • You’ll learn how to jumpstart a career with Telerik Academy Alpha .NET;
  • Find out more about our free programming course for absolute beginners;
  • Hear our alumni share their journeys - from joining the Academy to landing their dream jobs in the software industry.

Language: Bulgarian

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