LinkedIn-s Approach to Launching New Products- Case Study on LinkedIn Groups
Linkedin Groups ProductTank Event

LinkedIn’s Approach
to Launching New Products:
Case Study on LinkedIn Groups

Vesela Gateva, Former Data Scientist, LinkedIn

March 14, 2019 | 7:00 pm
Organized by ProductTank Sofia, Campus X and Telerik Academy


Vesela Gateva will walk you through the journey of launching a product used by hundreds of millions of people. While working as a Data Scientist at LinkedIn, she participated in the full-blown relaunch of LinkedIn Groups, which was the biggest product announcement for the company in 2018. During her talk, she will cover all aspects that are key for a successful product launch – product, data, tracking, metrics and experimenting. You’ll get an inside look into LinkedIn’s approach and best practices.

Language: English


About the Speaker

Vesela Gateva is a former Data Scientist at LinkedIn, where she was the Data Science Lead for LinkedIn Groups. Prior to LinkedIn, she worked as a Data Scientist at Eventbrite. Before entering the tech world, she did statistical genetics research in the biotech industry, as well as credit risk modeling in the financial services industry. Currently, she is based in Sofia working at Resolve, focusing on Machine Learning R&D projects for IT automation.

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