Leadership and Building Teams- The Art and Science

Leadership and Building Teams:
The Art and Science

Dr. Jamie Williams

October 17, 2018 | 7:00 pm
Organized by: Campus X, Telerik Academy and BEC


Teamwork is the most important factor for entrepreneurial success.

During his talk, Jamie will focus on the art and science of building a winning team. He will tackle topics such as hiring, team development, team dynamics as well as storytelling and employee motivation.

About the Speaker

Early in his professional career, Dr. Williams played professional American football and earned a NFL XXIV Super Bowl ring with the San Francisco 49ers.

Following his career in football, he worked in the film industry as a writer, director, screenwriter and actor, most famously in Oliver Stone’s movie "Any Given Sunday".

Along the way, Jamie earned a Master Degree in Mass Communication and a Doctorate Degree in Education, Organization and Leadership.

Dr. Williams has extensive experience as a management consultant/executive coach working with numerous organizations in the Northern California area, including VISA USA and Yahoo.

Currently he holds the position of Director of Student-Athlete Engagement and Professional Development at the University of Maryland.

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