How to Win Big Enterprise Clients
How to Win Big Enterprise Clients

How to Win Big Enterprise Clients

Ekaterina Novitska, IT Sales Specialist

April 22, 2019 | 7:30 pm
Organized by Campus X and Telerik Academy


During this presentation, Ekaterina Novitska will walk you through the process of establishing relationships with big enterprise clients. She will share valuable insights from her own successful wins - from getting in touch with the right people to closing a deal.

Find out what to expect when communicating with the large companies and how to attract and win them over. You will learn useful practices, which will help you navigate the sales process and prepare for a variety of scenarios and situations on the way to closing a deal.

Language: Bulgarian

About the Speaker

Ekaterina Novitska has 6 years of experience in the IT sector. During this period, she worked for leading IT companies where she was responsible for the business development and sales in foreign markets.


Her main expertise is in selling software solutions to big enterprise clients and in building partner networks. Currently Ekaterina has her own company – Novitska Consult and helps IT companies to grow sales by providing them with special trainings and individual consultations.

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