Essentials in Reactive Programming with RxJS
Essentials in Reactive Programming with RxJS

Workshop: Essentials in
Reactive Programming with RxJS

Michael Hladky
Google Developer Expert, Speaker, Dev, Trainer

January 19, 2019 | 3:00 pm
Organized by Angular Sofia, Campus X and Telerik Academy


RxJS is more popular than ever. It is baked into the Angular core and also used in frameworks like React, Vue, and others.

In this workshop, you will get an overview of the library and have the opportunity to learn about the concept, approach, and implementation of RxJS! After a practical and detailed tour through observables, you will also implement your first stream-based code.


  • Conceptual introduction to Rx
  • Promise vs Observables
  • Subscription callbacks
  • How to use pipes
  • Patterns and examples of operator combinations
  • Multicasting with observables (singlecast / multicast)
  • What are subjects

About the Trainer

Michael Hladky is located in Austria, Vienna. He is a certified Google Developer Expert, trainer, developer and consultant in the field of Angular and Ionic. As an active community member, he is the organizer of Angular Vienna and founder and leading head of Angular Austria, a non-profit association to support Angular.

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