Build and Improve Your Social Media Strategy in 2019
Build Your Social Media Strategy

Build and Improve Your Social Media Strategy in 2019

Sunay Tamashev
Founder and CEO, Stunning Social

December 5, 2018 | 7:00 pm
Hosted by Campus X and Telerik Academy



Join us at Campus X for an interactive seminar on building a successful social media strategy with Sunay Tamashev, founder and CEO of the New York City based conversational marketing agency Stunning Social. He’ll uncover some of the leading trends in social media and provide an overview of the major industry changes. Sunay will also share best practices and proven tactics on how to adapt and stay relevant in the dynamic digital landscape. You’ll learn:

• Why is it important to have a Facebook Business Manager account and Facebook pixel?
• How your website fits into your social media strategy?
• How to acquire customers, and grow sales by using creative targeting, and communication methods?
• What is messenger marketing, and why engagement is becoming the new commodity on the internet? Facebook chatbots, and do you need one.
• How are companies using the marketing funnel to attract customers?

About the Speaker


Sunay Tamashev is founder and CEO of Stunning Social, a New York City based conversational marketing agency, working with startups in various stages of their development and companies in higher education, e-commerce, hospitality and real estate. Sunay is also Founder and CEO of ArtC Inc., partner at The Setters and avid kiteboarder.


Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Sunay Tamashev received his MBA in Media Management from Metropolitan College of New York in Manhattan. He currently lives and works in New York City.


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