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Telerik Academy Alumni - Ivan Rachev, Soft2Run

For 10 years now, we’ve been helping people to jumpstart promising careers in IT and change their lives. We called on our alumni to share their stories and how Telerik Academy impacted them.

Today we meet Ivan Rachev, who dropped out of university to pursue a career as a programmer. Only half a month after graduating from Telerik Academy, he landed his dream job in IT.

But Ivan hasn’t always been on the right track to a promising tech career. Before joining the program, his professional experience was limited only to part-time jobs at the airport near his hometown - Burgas. The intensive training at the Academy equipped Ivan with the necessary skills and knowledge and helped him start working as a Junior Backend Software Developer at Soft2Run, a Bulgarian tech company offering custom software solutions and a Telerik Academy partner.

Fresh career start
Looking back, Ivan thinks that his life has changed for the better. Despite lacking any previous experience in the field, he felt confident to kickstart a successful IT career. Ivan benefited from his studies at Telerik Academy by gaining essential tech and soft skills and working on real-life problems. The intensive program helped him build a growth mindset and realize that programming is a way of thinking.

“My investment paid off in so many ways – I acquired invaluable knowledge and signed a contract in just half a month after graduating.”

Finding the perfect fit
Choosing a company with matching values and culture, was yet another cornerstone for Ivan.

“Soft2Run is a company, which invests in young and motivated professionals. What excites me the most is the challenge to create something with a purpose from scratch.”

Furthermore, Ivan’s job requires strong focus and dedication, as well as advanced team-work skills. Last but not least, he appreciates the company’s rigorous processes, which ensure the entire development cycle runs smoothly.

“I’m constantly learning new things, growing as a person and a professional. At the same time, the work environment is relaxed and supportive. Another major benefit Soft2Run offers is the shorter trial period for junior talent – 4 instead of 6 months.”

Advice to the new students
“Don’t compare yourself with the others. Strive to become a better version of yourself, constantly augmenting your personal and professional skills.”

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